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Meet the Editors

Edmund Brennan, Managing Editor

I’m a senior majoring in Anthropology and History. I grew up with a big, food-loving family and moved around multiple times as a kid, getting to experience a variety of cuisine. I love cooking and exploring world cuisine and I always want to try the weird stuff. I’m interested in the history and science behind food. For the last three years I’ve written guides to world cuisines, ingredients, and introductions to the science and technique of cooking for yourself. I’m excited to now be able to manage the group and continue our mission of informing and exciting our readers about food in the Boston area.

Joyce Harduvel, Editor Emeritus

IMG_9699I’m a senior from Chicago majoring in American Studies. I’ve always been an adventurous eater and a true foodie. I got my start eating nothing but mushrooms, eggplant and garlic before I turned one and devouring octopus and raw oysters by the time I was three. When I’m not exploring Boston or trying a new restaurant or recipe, you can find me catching up on my favorite shows, attending a concert or drinking a good cup of tea.


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