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Tasty Tufts Taste Test: Vanilla Greek Yogurt

For this Tasty Tufts Taste Test, or quadruple T for short, I decided to look into everyone’s go-to breakfast item: Greek yogurt. I’ve seen numerous students making epic parfaits at the dining hall, coating the yogurt in cinnamon, craisins, raisins, granola, honey and anything else you could possibly think of but I was curious to see what people felt about the yogurt on its own. I got my daily exercise in by walking to the nearest Stop and Shop and bought five different kinds of vanilla Greek yogurt: Yoplait 100, Stop and Shop store brand, Dannon Oikos, Chobani and Dannon Light & Fit. While I could have solely tasted them myself, I was more interested in the opinions of others, specifically targeting the Jumbo student body. Thus, I erased any determinant of the yogurt so that the tasters could not easily bias themselves toward which yogurt they liked and disliked based on labels and allowed the test to ensue.



I gathered six students to feast on the five different yogurts; each labeled anonymously A through E. Each student went on to what they liked to call their own kind of wine tasting, and rated each on six categories I gave them: Best Overall Taste, Best Texture, Most Creamy, Most Expensive, Store Brand, and Least Favorite.

In the category of best overall taste, the data were evenly distributed between three out of the five yogurts, with two votes for Yoplait 100, two votes for Dannon Oikos, and finally, two votes for Dannon Light and Fit. Interestingly, none of the six students voted for B, the store brand, or D, Chobani, as having the best overall taste. In fact, when it came to the category of least favorite vanilla Greek yogurt, four out of the six voted for D, Chobani, and two voted for B, the store brand. When I asked them each why they chose these as their least favorites, I got an overwhelming response that D was “not as sweet as the others,” and had an “overpowering flavor of vanilla extract.” For why B was less popular among the students, their answers related more to the texture of the yogurt.


Source: Chef’s Best

In the category of Best Texture, the data showed that E, Dannon Light & Fit, was the overall winner with four out of the six votes, as well as being my personal favorite breakfast treat. Two voted for A, Yoplait 100, and none voted for B, store brand, C, Dannon Oikos, or D, Chobani. B was not voted for as the students continued to state that it was “a bit chunkier than the rest.” Interestingly, based on this notion of texture, all six of the students were able to gage which of the five yogurts was store brand, as they all responded with B, which was the Stop and Shop brand of vanilla Greek yogurt.


Source: Dallas Frugal Foodie


Source: Noosa Yogurt


The reason I made a separate category from best texture called “most creamy,” is because some students do not necessarily associate the two completely, as two out of the six students actually voted for B, the store brand yogurt. The other four votes correlated more to what the students found to be best texture, and were evenly distributed between A, Yoplait 100, and E, Dannon Light and Fit, at two votes each.

When asked which yogurt they thought was the most expensive, the students responded with an even distribution between A, Yoplait 100, C, Dannon Oikos, and D, Chobani with two votes each. The actual answer was that A, B, C, and E were all priced the same at $1.29, and D, Chobani, was priced forty cents cheaper at $0.89. Interestingly, the same students that voted either A or C as the yogurt with the best overall taste, also voted for these yogurts as most expensive, which gives a clue towards correlation between what how good something tastes and how much something costs. On the contrary, the two students that chose D, Chobani, which happened to be the cheapest one, made a sneer remark that this one must be the most expensive because “expensive things normally taste the worst.”

While this taste test did not give overwhelmingly conclusive data, there are some key points I found from the investigation: one—people really can tell a store brand product, in this case Greek yogurt, apart from others, and since it costs the same as the others…you mine as well get whichever tastes the best to you! Two—If what you like the most about your yogurt is the burst of sweetness it brings to your day, you may want to avoid Chobani; but on the other hand, if you have a more “matured palette” who enjoys things a bit less sweet and more acidic, this yogurt is certainly beckoning to be eaten by you! Third—control the sampling size of yogurt, because if you leave it all out there, people will eat all of it before the study is even done! Fourth—Make sure to have spoons (You do not even want to see the makeshift ways some students eat their yogurt)! Overall, Vanilla Greek Yogurt is a delicious snack for any time of the day (as this study was done at about 1:00 am) that just about everyone enjoys, but this test showed that not everyone has the same preference. So, go on now! Go find the Vanilla Greek yogurt that makes your heart flutter and sends you to a yogurt heaven. Spoons up!


-Jay Sheintop

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