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Guide to Inman Square

We’ve had a record-busting winter this year, and the mountains of snow and sheets of ice across the state have crystalized as reasonable excuses to stay indoors and on campus. But as the mercury inches back to happier levels, “Go out and play!” the departing winter winds say. But where to and what for?


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Better weather isn’t the only reason why Inman Square is on my list of top places to spend time in. Recently, I accompanied a friend to the Cambridge area, chilling in the original 1369 Coffeehouse while he went for Sunday service. We shared an Uber from Tufts, but one could always make a 15-20 min walk from Harvard Square or Central Square to Inman Square (it’s nearer to Central Square), or catch one of the three buses running through Inman: Central-Porter, Central-Sullivan Station or Harvard- Lechemere (1). Driving may prove inconvenient since parking is limited to a small lot on Springfield Street for cars with a Cambridge sticker.

If you’re wandering around Inman with no particular taste in mind, walk down Cambridge Street or Hampshire Street, where most of the stores and restaurants are. If, however, you’ve come for the amazing selection of world cuisines, be ready to be tempted to have multiple meals.

The non-exhaustive food list begins.


Source: Bostonmagazine

For Asian cuisine, there is Koreana (Korean), Punjabi Dhaba (Indian), Ginger Exchange (Thai, Japanese, Chinese).

For Middle Eastern, Oleana (Mediterranean/Turkish), and Kebab Factory. For Brazilian, Muqueca Restaurant; for Portugese —in fact, Boston’s oldest Portuguese restaurant— Casa Portugal; and for Mexican, Ole Mexican Grill.


Source: Fsakamoto

For American, East Coast Grill (Southern), All Star Sandwich Bar, Clover Food Lab, and S & S Restaurant.


Source: Liveforfilms

For the thirsty, Thirsty Scholars’ Pub (where The Social Network was filmed), Bukowski’s Tavern and Atwood Tavern are just some establishments you can indulge yourself in.


Source: Blogspot

And if you want sweet treats, handmade ice cream awaits at Christina’s, while Rosie’s and The Biscuit present baked goods.

Whew. But wait there’s more.


Source: thecrimson

Other notable food shops include Christina’s Spice & Specialty Foods and a Middle Eastern market called Al-Hoda. The former features shelves of interesting items while the latter stocks economical and delicious halal meats from New Hampshire (and other states), along with a host of Mediterranean and Indian spices.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well-rated many establishments of Inman Square were on Google reviews,, and Zagat. When you have time on the weekend, stop by Inman Square and pleasantly satiate yourself on it’s cheap and amazing restaurant options.

— Min Yi Tan

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