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Bagelsaurus has enjoyed a cult following long before it came to Porter Square this past October. Native New-Yorkers and foodies in need of a good, authentic bagel have relied on Mary Ting Hyatt’s bagels since 2013 when she started to sell them on a weekly basis at Cutty’s sandwich shop in Brookline.

What makes these bagels so special is the twenty-four hour fermentation period and sourdough starter that makes the dough so flavorful and complex. The bagels are always warm and slightly blistered on the exterior that yields to a bubbly, chewy interior. Immediately upon entering the shop, the warm, yeasty atmosphere draws you in before you can say “Cheddar-garlic with honey rosemary cream cheese, for here.”


If you do decide to stop by Bagelsaurus on a weekend morning for a bagel sandwich with friends, there are two things that you should know: first, that you will have one of the best bagels you’ve ever had in your life, and second, that you should be prepared to wait. There will almost definitely be a line, but it tends to move quickly. Since Bagelsaurus opened, it appears that both the kitchen staff and bagel yield has been increased, as the bagel orders are filled much faster and the bagels don’t sell out quite as early in the day as they did just a few months ago. The shop itself is fairly small, so be prepared to wait a bit for a free table. If you plan on going in the afternoon, I would recommend following Bagelsaurus on instagram for updates on bagel supplies in the event that they do sell out. Still, don’t let the wait scare you since it’s almost guaranteed to be shorter than waiting for a table at a busy brunch restaurant.


Once it’s your turn to order, you have your choice of bagel flavors, toppings, and sandwiches. There’s the always classic combination of an everything, sesame, or poppy seed bagel with your choice of cream cheese, but they also have quite a few unique additions for your bagel. If you’re feeling daring, order a bagel with hot-pink beet hummus and avocado for an earthy, slightly sweet brunch sandwich. It may not be traditional, but it is delicious. I didn’t try it myself, but my friend gave rave reviews for his sea salt bagel with cream cheese and hot smoked salmon. For a sweeter breakfast sandwich, try the cinnamon-raisin bagel with banana and almond butter, or a sesame bagel with almond butter and a flavorful berry jam.


Bagelsaurus focuses mainly on bagels, but if you need something extra, they also have hot coffee, coffee cake, and oatmeal cookies to enjoy. I haven’t tried any of Bagelsaurus’ baked goods other than the bagels, but they look delicious and seem to be popular all of the times that I’ve been. There is also the option of buying a grab bag of a dozen bagels on the weekends to bring home, which is a great way to avoid the wait.

If you’re someone that has been lamenting the lack of true bagels in the Boston area, take a weekend outing and give Bagelsaurus a try. It’s a fun, informal place to get a good meal and break out of a dining-hall induced plain bagel and cream-cheese rut.

Ambiance: B

Service: A-

Food (taste): A

Food (presentation): B

Price: $5-11/person

Overall: A-


Porter Square, 1796 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140


-Kinsey Drake


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