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Dreaming of warmer days? Try Kung Fu Tea

What is bubble tea? First, it is a foodie fad originating from the Taiwanese tea with added tapioca balls, or bubbles. Now, the variety of drinks with bubbles has expanded to include slushes, punches, and milk-based teas. As of last semester, the fad has made it to Davis Square.

Kung Fu Tea just opened and it is already a hot spot just past Diesel. You would never believe this place opened just a few months ago. On a Friday afternoon, the line to order was almost out the door. High school students, young professionals, and college students waited patiently to order from the menu with 50+ options.

The interesting aspect about Kung Fu Tea is that you practically personalize everything. First, you have to decide what type of drink. You can choose from punch, slush, the classics, or milk teas. Not in the mood for tea? You can order coffee-based drinks too! The punches are teas combined with different flavor shots. Slushes are essentially smoothies and milk teas are what they sound like….tea with a milk base. The classic teas are your typical black tea, green tea, orange tea, etc. You then decide how sweet to make the drink (on a scale of 0-70%), the temperature (warm to ice), and what type of milk. Interestingly enough, the drinks do not already include the tapioca bubbles; you order them as an extra if you so desire.


Fair warning: Be prepared for spend $3-4 on the smallest sized drink. Kung Fu Tea is definitely an indulgence, but well worth it.

I ordered a classic green tea with bubbles and a mango slush. I didn’t have to wait long after ordering to be double fisting teas. I loved my green tea. It was a lightly sweetened and refreshing beverage after the mile-long walk to Davis. The smallest size you can order is a medium and it is quite large. I could easily have been happy with half that amount of green tea. I usually don’t prefer iced teas, but the classic green tea with bubbles exceeded expectations with its large portion and thick sweet flavor. The mango slush, on the other hand, was extremely sweet. I enjoyed the drink, but it is nothing special. I may just not be a fan of tapioca bubbles in fruit smoothies.


I would love to see Kung Fu Tea furnish the inside of the shop. There is plenty of room for tables and chairs so customers can sit and enjoy their specialty beverages. I think they could bring in much more business if the tea joint was more of a hangout location and not just an in-and-out tea bar. All-in-all, if you want bubble tea, stay close to home and come to Kung Fu Tea in Davis Square.

Ambiance: B-

Service: B+

Food (taste): A-

Food (presentation): B

Price: $3-4/person

Overall: B+

– Shoshana Weiner


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