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Noor: Fresh and Healthy Mediterranean Fare

Tucked away next to the campus favorite Yoshi’s, is Noor Mediterranean Grill. Newly opened, this restaurant takes the place of The Broken Yoke, which I doubt you even remember.

The small, intimate restaurant offers a huge menu with something for everyone. From lamb kabobs to veggie wraps, the menu is suitable for vegans and meat lovers. I had a terrible time deciding what to order. Should I have the veggie dinner plate, the falafel wrap, or just an assortment of hummus and various sides?! Being a vegetarian, it is rare that I have more than enough options to choose from. Of course I wanted to try everything, so I went for the dinner veggie plate, which consisted of tabouleh, babaganoush, hummus, rice, vegetables, fatoush and pita—a little bit of everything. It was a lot of food. So much food.


Because I was not prepared for the portion size of Noor, I also ordered an additional side of hummus and an appetizer fatoush.

The food came unexpectedly quick. I was prepared to wait up to 45 minutes when suddenly I was served an enormous platter of food. Within 17 minutes of ordering I was chowing down on freshly made salads and hummus.

The fatoush was not soggy and the tabouleh had just enough garlic and olive oil. Those two salads were amazing. No regrets on ordering the second fatoush. Veggies were freshly sliced and the dressing on the fatoush was incredible. It was supposed to be a pomegranate olive oil dressing…it didn’t taste like pomegranate at all, but it was still very delicious.


The hummus and babaganoush are another story… I was not too impressed. For homemade hummus and babaganoush, the flavors were bland and dull. They lacked spices and lemon juice. I felt like I was eating pureed chickpeas and mashed eggplant. The pita that accompanied the dips was disappointing. I was looking forward to homemade, fluffy, white pita and I was served dried out, thin, flavorless bread. I was left to eat an entire bowl of humus with a spoon.

I can’t complain that much since my mammoth veggie dinner plate cost less than $10 and the bowl of homemade hummus (that could last a month) was under $5. The price range is very acceptable, considering the portion size.


Noor is a great place to order a healthy take out salad to Tisch or your house or dorm on a frigid winter day. The prices are student-friendly and you will not go hungry. I don’t think I would go back to the restaurant, but I predict I will be eating more of their fatoush while working away on lab reports.

Ambiance: B+

Service: A

Food (taste): B-

Food (presentation): B

Price: $10/person

Overall: B

– Shoshana Weiner

Cover photo source.

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