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DIY Your Very Own Recipe Collection

All of my friends look up recipes online whenever they need to make something, but the problem is when you try to find the same recipe as last time or when you do your best to remember that special ingredient you added that your dinner guests raved about.  There are so many ways to collect and find wonderful recipes that would save you this hassle!  I personally have a digital and physical recipe collection that are both easy to make.  Here are some resources that I have found useful for an up-and-coming chef or even a college student.

Digital Recipe Collection

  1. Pinterest.  This wonderful collection website allows you to create an account and form albums.  Most of the people who use Pinterest use it to pin pretty pictures or fashion inspirations in their albums, but I have found it useful to pin recipes here.  You pin the pictures in the album as well as the link to the site in just one click!  Pinterest is accessible anywhere so you don’t have to fret if you lost your printed copy on the way to your hostess’s house.


  1. New York Times Cooking. This website rolled out this summer and there is absolutely no shame in saying that I was by my computer ready to sign up the very second the beta registration was posted.  New York Times Cooking is a website that collects all of the recipes that were featured in The New York Times and much more.  The layout is very user friendly and beautifully organized.  There is a handy “Recipe Box” feature where you can save recipes you found on their website.  Their weekly newsletters are also fantastic and go beyond your typical list of recipes.   Articles include Stephen King inspired recipes and cooking tips as well as food during war time abroad.  Though you are limited to just the recipes on their website, it really doesn’t feel confined with their 16,000+ recipes.

NYtimes cooking

  1. Evernote Food. I use Evernote to take notes for class because I can access it from my laptop and iPad but I have only recently discovered the sister app that Evernote made called Evernote Food.  I immediately fell in love with it because of its simple and beautiful layout and different features.   Evernote Food allows you to take pictures of your creations and paste them into your recipes.  You can copy and paste favorite recipes and also type up homemade creations.  Not only can you create and save recipes, but you can also save favorite restaurants!  It comes with a restaurant section where you can write notes on restaurants, take pictures of dishes, and use a map to indicate its location so that you can find it later.  You can share recipes and restaurants with friends as well as access all of it on your computer, iPad, or iPhone.  It is truly a foodie’s must-have app!

evernote food


Old Fashioned Recipe Collection

  1. Index cards. Put those leftover flashcards to good use! Scrawl your recipes on index cards and put them in a box or just hold them together with a rubber band. Color code them if you are feeling fancy!
  2. Templates.  If you want an old fashioned recipe collection, but want a prettier format than scribbles on an index card, you’re in luck!  There is an array of templates online that you can just fill in online and print on cardstock.  Did I mention they’re FREE?!  Check out the cute ones from Skip to My Lou.

Finding Recipes

Want to expand your horizons beyond and  Here are some of my go-to sites for food enthusiasts:

  1. This website features tutorials that will guide you through the cooking process accompanied by beautiful pictures.  The lady who runs the website is a culinary genius.  I mean, who knew that using tapioca powder for rhubarb pie would create the PERFECT rhubarb pie?!  There are lots of recipes and all are easy to follow.  In the words of my friend, “Because Smitten Kitchen told me to!”

smitten kitchen

  1. Ok, I had to.  As a blogger for brit+co, I have seen so many articles about food that range from a collection of acorn squash recipes to cooking tips from a scientist.  It’s a great website to get your creative juices flowing and be inspired with what other food enthusiasts have found or made.  The food section of brit+co is a small portion of the whole website, but trust me, it is worth reading.


  1. Living off-campus has really taught me to be strategic with my food.  Supercook helps me find recipes based on ingredients that I have.  That way, you can avoid a special trip to the supermarket and use that time to watch the next movie on your Netflix queue.


  1. There aren’t a lot of recipe options on this website, but there are definitely more out there recipes. This website was created by Blake Lively and the layout couldn’t be more beautiful.  You can save articles or recipes by “preserve”-ing them into a save list.  I currently have a recipe for pumpkin and kale focaccia preserved on my list!


  1. Peruse through the countless recipes that the lifestyle guru has created herself. I like the range of simple recipes to more adventurous ones (my favorite is her chocolate wonton recipe!).  If you want something timeless or elegant, this website should be bookmarked!  There are even entertaining videos with the steps accompanying them, like the one with her and Andy Samberg creating a Baked Alaska with their winter coats on.

martha stewart

 – Courtney Chiu

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