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Valentine’s Day Date: Posto’s Perfect Pizza and Pasta

It isn’t a secret that Davis Square is home to the hipster college student, and young Boston professional. It is also home to fine Italian dining. Situated a five minute walk down Elm Street is Posto, a restaurant more students have heard of than actually have visited.

Posto offers a chic, intimate, delicious, classy dining experience just a short 13-minute walk from Tufts. It is an easily accessible restaurant for a birthday, date night, or girl’s night out. It isn’t the cheapest restaurant in Davis, but the portions are enormous and the dishes are always tasty and served hot. The overall experience is worth a splurge. If you plan on going out on a Friday or Saturday, be sure to make a reservation at least 48 hours in advance.

Your Posto experience begins with wardrobe selections. This is the time when girls bring out that new skirt or boys break out the freshly washed dress shirt. Take your time getting ready, perfecting your hair, shaving, or doing whatever you need to do. Be sure you are also preparing your stomach. Give it a pep talk, rub it, attempt to stretch it, do whatever it takes to be sure you can fit as much food in it as possible.

Upon stepping into Posto, a wave of calm falls over you. Finally, you made it. The dim lighting and candlelit tables offer a relaxed and warm atmosphere. You and your party are whisked away by the friendly hostess to your table already set with water and breadsticks. Should you be of age, this is the time when you want to consider a glass of wine with your dinner. It will really complete the experience. As noted before, Posto is an occasion.

Source: Give 'n Taste

Source: Give ‘n Taste

The menu is short and simple: appetizers, pizza, and pasta. However choosing a dish to order isn’t all that easy.

Because your stomach is invincible while dining at Posto, order the garlic bread to munch on while you wait for your main dish. This bread is served to you steaming hot, brushed in olive oil and lightly spiced. Other options include the classic bruschetta and a variety of salads.

Personally, I only get pizza at Posto, and here’s why.

The pizzas are presented in two categories: white and red. So decide if you want sauce or oil. From there, you can decide which delicacy you want. My favorite is the caponata pizza. It is a red pizza with roasted grapes, eggplant, mozzarella and ricotta cheeses. There are pizzas with all different types of mushrooms, pizzas with arugula and mascarpone cheese, and of course the classic margarita with garlic and tomatoes. You cannot go wrong with any selection. All pizza are freshly made and cooked in a wood-fired oven. You can even watch the chefs prepare the pizzas behind the counter.

Not feeling the pizza? The gnocchi are homemade and a true delicacy.

You can and may eat the entire pizza. They are served fresh from the oven covered in melting cheese. It smells like your plate just fell from heaven. Posto’s mixture of cheeses on their pizzas are what really makes your experience unique. The ricotta on the caponata pizza adds a tasty touch. The homemade crust is always perfectly cooked- browned and crunchy outside and soft inside. It can be dipped in the extra cheese (yes, there is that much cheese on the pizzas). Eat slowly and savor your dish. The scene evokes cherished conversations and this night will be one to remember (especially at the gym the next morning…).

Throughout the meal, your waiter/waitress is attentive and ensures that you have a positive experience. Your water glass never goes empty and should you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask.

Towards the end, you will be asked if you want the dessert menu. Don’t hesitate. Respond. The answer is always yes. Also, while you are at it, order a tea. Posto has a variety of soothing loose-leaf teas that are served in personal ceramic teakettles.


Carmel ice cream on top of warm apple tart

While we all wish we could order every dessert on the menu, I recommend the chocolate mousse or apple tart with caramel ice cream to share. You won’t be able to comprehend how you manage to finish an entire main course and devour dessert, but it happens. Ordering dessert only completes the experience.

Posto is a hidden gem. You don’t have to take the T to the North End for good pizza and pasta. Make a reservation at Posto. You won’t regret it.

Ambiance: A

Service: A-

Food (taste): A

Food (presentation): B+

Price: $15-20/person

Overall: A

 -Shoshana Weiner

Cover photo source.


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