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Taste Test: M&M Edition

Attention world: Mint M&Ms are back. Yes, it is that time of year again – the time of year when all goodness in the world can be bought at CVS in the form of a bag of mint M&Ms.

While devouring my newly acquired bag of M&Ms, it occurred to me that I also love dark chocolate M&Ms, and pretzel M&Ms, and of course we can’t forget the good ‘ole regular ones. Which type is the best? After a sampling of a multitude of M&Ms with the help of some trusted M&M connoisseurs, I compiled a list of the best of the best.

Note: This list is by no means includes all types of M&Ms.


If you didn’t understand from above, these are little green and white pillows of heaven in a bag.

“Mint M&Ms are perhaps – actually, most definitely – the best flavor. Crunching down on one of the glorious balls of chocolate sends your mouth through a winter wonderland. Dancing candy canes leap between your molars with each bite while sweet peppermint gently caresses your throat with the promise of a warm fire and cup of cocoa not far behind.”–Julia D.

Julia with the prized mint M&Ms.

Julia with the prized mint M&Ms.


Julia loving her mint M&Ms.

Dark Chocolate

Although I adore the mint M&MS, my go-to I-am-so-stressed-give-me-something-to-eat snack is dark chocolate M&Ms. As a dark chocolate fan, these really hit the spot for dessert or as a study snack.

Peanut Butter

PB + Chocolate = best discovery

“I think they have a unique taste. The texture is nice because it is just like a normal M&M. It has a better consistency than peanut M&Ms and a better taste than Reese’s Pieces.”–Jonah H.


These M&Ms offer a unique texture. I definitely love the crunch of the pretzel, mixed with the melting chocolate in your mouth. They are very large in size, but the pretzel takes up most of the space, making for a lighter snacking option.

“I love pretzel M&Ms because of the delicate balance between the sweet and salty. The two really complement each other in an unparalleled fashion.”–Aviva W.

“I like pretzel M&Ms because they are a combination of sweet and salty. They are kind of like a chocolate covered pretzel. And I like pretzels.”–Jason B.


Before the mint, peanut butter, and dark chocolate fanciness, peanut M&Ms were my favorite. I still adore this type because of the sweet and salty mix, but if you want some peanut flavoring, just go for the PB.


M&Ms on steroids. Seriously, these things are huge. They are of the classic flavor variety, but are about the size of a quarter. For some reason, mega M&Ms’ absurd size makes them taste much better. Also, these are great for baking cookies.

Source: Candy Bar Reviews

Source: Candy Bar Reviews


“Classic M&Ms are the comfort candy of my childhood. My nana would always have little packets of M&Ms hidden around her house and when I’d sleep over there, I would try and find all of them and eat them. Even today, when I see a little packet of M&Ms, I have to eat them.”–Sarah G.

Candy Corn

PSA: These aren’t real M&Ms. White chocolate is not chocolate. Although the candy corn M&Ms are festive in appearance and fun to buy with loads of other Halloween candy, the splurge is not worth the taste. They are made of white chocolate, and I hope I never see these on the shelf again. However, if you are a white chocolate kind of person, by all means, stock up because I don’t know who else would buy them.

So, there you have it: the best of the best and the worst of the worst in the M&M world. One of my goals in life is to sample every type of M&M.

 -Shoshana Weiner

Cover photo source.

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