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Chowing Down in Carm: Post-Workout Edition

So, you made it to the gym. You worked out (I won’t ask how long you spent on the Stairmaster…save you the embarrassment). Now, you are ready to chow down in Dewick to congratulate yourself on a job well done. But what is there to eat?**

Here are some go-to refueling meals to satisfy your hunger and help you stay in shape throughout the winter.

Lean Meats

Chicken and turkey are great sources of protein. They fill you up quickly while you skip out on the fats of a hamburger. I like to get a turkey sandwich from the Deli or make a chicken salad/sandwich in the dining halls.


Classic PB&J

This is my go-to, in the dining hall and on the go. I eat PB&J before working out in the morning or before any large workout. To minimize unnecessary sugar intake, opt for the natural peanut butter on wheat bread or pita.


Salad Bar

The salad bar doesn’t just have veggies and lettuce. Take advantage of eggs, tofu, and beans. They are lean sources of protein that will reinforce all that hard work at the gym.


Getting Creative?

Source: Go PixPic

Source: Go PixPic

Tired of just a bowl of vegetables? Get creative and fill a pita with salad fixings. Throw in some cheese and head over to the panini press to create an elaborate meal. Make a tuna melt (remember that whole wheat bread), make a hummus pita sandwich, or throw some grilled chicken and fixings into a whole wheat wrap!!


Kashi Cereal with Milk and Banana

A big bowl of cereal is not only a comfort food, but provides the fuel necessary and essential vitamins and minerals to replenish any supply lost from working out. Additionally, any dairy products are good refueling food. Have a bowl of Greek yogurt with granola and honey or cottage cheese.



Source: Love Your Reflection

Source: Love Your Reflection

Be sure to hydrate and drink water with your meal. After a workout you don’t want to become dehydrated. At the end of your meal, refill your water bottle on the way out!



Instead of that post-lunch cookie, choose an apple with a bit of Nutella or peanut butter (you don’t have to cut yourself off from the sweets!). Also, grab an apple, banana, or orange on your way out for when you are craving a late night snack.



**Note: Eat what makes you happy. These are by no means instructions for weight loss and this is not a part of a weight loss plan. If you are looking to lose weight or get in shape, you can contact a personal trainer ( at the gym to help you with an exercise plan. If you battle with food, contact Tufts Counseling and Mental Health (

-Shoshana Weiner

Cover photo source.

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