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Coffee Around Tufts

As an avid coffee drinker, I can confidently say that I have tried all of the coffee hot spots around Tufts.  Yes, I have my own coffee machine and French press at home, but sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to a wonderful cup of Joe handcrafted by a friendly barista to start your mornings.

The Rez
This gem of a coffee shop is located right in the campus center and run by your fellow Jumbos.  The Rez has a great coffee-shop atmosphere where you can do some homework and chat with your friends.  As a dedicated Rez goer (notorious for filling up two punch cards in one semester), my favorite parts of the Rez experience are the friendly baristas who remember their usual customers, the variety of coffee options, and the fact that they are open at very late hours when you desperately need caffeine to finish your paper.  My favorite drinks are the Lucy in the Chai and Soylent Green.  If I need caffeine, the Mind Body Soul will be sure to wake even Sleeping Beauty up from her slumber.  Oh, and did I mention the punch card reward is a FREE drink of your choice and size?!



The calm vibe of Tamper, located on Boston Ave behind Tufts, creates a perfect study/drink/eat place.  There are ample outlets so you can study as you sip your coffee.  The drip coffee that they serve is very smooth with just the right amount of caffeine.  They get their coffee from Barrington Coffee Roasting Company, known for their freshly roasted, fine quality beans.  Their coffee has the right amount of caffeine that will get you buzzed but not so buzzed that you risk crashing.  The beans that are served by Tamper are a dark/medium roast and their handcrafted drinks are carefully created.  They can make you a latte with the right amount of foam, creaminess, and coffee.  Overall, Tamper serves quality coffee but be warned because their coffee runs out fast and you might have to wait five minutes for the next pot to finish brewing but at least it will be fresh!

Danish Pastry House
It’s a pastry house but also a lot more.  Delicious scones, mouthwatering sandwiches, and of course lots of coffee options.  They get their coffee from New England Coffee and have quite a variety of flavors and roasts.  The coffee is typical but the best thing is that there are FREE refills for their coffees if you get a for-here cup.


iYo Cafe
This perfect place to study but be warned– you will want to order more than just coffee!  They get their beans from Barrington Coffee Roasting Company and serve lots of specialty drinks.  The coffee is wonderful but the drink will go by fast, leaving you wanting more.   Though the baristas tend to be overzealous with the steamer, at iYo you’re guaranteed a yummy beverage to get you through that problem set.

Diesel Cafe
This widely popular hangout spot in Davis looks like a regular cafe on the outside, but it’s so much more.  Pool tables and latte art are just some of the surprises you will find inside.  The menu is small but everyone raves about the salted caramel latte.  “It’s dessert in a cup full of caffeine,” said a fellow coffee enthusiast and friend.  There is wonderful coffee and food but if you’re there to do homework don’t kid yourself.  You’ll be socializing the whole time but hey, at least you’ll have a handcrafted cup of coffee topped with latte art.



-Courtney Chiu

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