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Edible Art

The two loves of my life are food and art.  So when I discovered famous works of art that are recreated with food, I was over the moon.  I mean, who knew that a dish on an IHOP menu could be used to recreate Dali’s The Persistence of Memory (left)?  Here are a few of my favorite finds for the art and food lovers out there that are sure to bring a smile to your face and brighten up your workday!

1. Jeff Koons. The Koons exhibit at the Whitney might be over, but this Twinkies version will last forever (quite literally…).

Koons Twinkies

Source: Modern Magazine

2. Jackson Pollock. This Rice Krispie Treat dessert takes Pollock’s action painting style to a whole new level!  Just remember, it’s about the act of putting sugar on sugar.

Pollock rice krispies

Source: Neatorama

3. Mark Rothko. I couldn’t put a Pollock without a Rothko!  Rothko’s distinct color fields are so simple but so meaningful.  And so delicious.

Rothko cake

Source: Design Taxi

4. Frida Kahlo. Who needs a Diego Rivera toast when you have a Frida Kahlo toast?  You might even describe this creation to be… revolutionary.


Source: Art Info

5. Piet Mondrian. It’s all about the colors and geometry.  And chocolate.


Source: Art Fund

6. Salvador Dali. If Yoshi’s could serve this bento box, it would be too… surreal.

dali bento box

Source: Brooklyn Bento

7. Roy Lichtenstein. Just add a speech bubble and BAM!  You’ve got a piece of pop art ready to impress.


Source: Brit+Co.

8. Edvard Munch. This latte is almost too good to drink!  But maybe The Scream isn’t the best image to wake up to, especially  the lonely and cold feelings this one evokes.

Source: NPR

9. Gustav Klimt. This one is a little intricate to make but looks wonderful!  Now if only gold were edible…


Source: Teaguenc

10. Henri Matisse. The pieces were made for a preschooler, but I honestly would have no qualms if someone made me this!


Source: Bentoriffic

11. Robert Ryman. It’s not just a blank cake.  Trust me.


Source: LA Weekly

-Courtney Chiu

Cover photo source.

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