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Stressed Spelled Backwards is Desserts

I like to stress bake because it is the only activity I can do that really takes my mind off academics… and I am really committed to that one task. I am a really goal oriented person and baking is something where I have all the steps and I can accomplish my goal. I can be very active in the steps that make me accomplish that goal. There is a sense of accomplishment when you make something and it turns out well and you can share it.

-Sarah G

Coping with stress may mean shopping, eating fries, or physical activity. Then, there is stress baking. In reality, baking can potentially consume the majority of time that should be spent studying. However, it is a necessary activity that keeps many students sane…. and well fed.


Source: Averie Cooks

Source: Averie Cooks

What is it like to stress bake?

  • Cakes and cookies being made at 3:00 am
  • Elaborate s’mores cupcakes filled with a chocolate ganache and topped with homemade marshmallow frosting
  • Spending 20 minutes simply looking for the perfect recipe
  • Feeling absurdly full and on an extreme sugar high at odd hours during the night
  • Doing numerous problem sets on the kitchen floor in front of the oven
  • Making really fast friends when you bring freshly baked creations to the library

So, how does baking relieve stress?!

Source: Averie Cooks

Source: Averie Cooks


Yes, forget the calories. You end up eating everything you bake (which in itself is a very good stress reliever). According to an article by BBC, baking makes people happier. Baking is a controlled and planned undertaking; you know exactly how much of each ingredient there is a specific order to follow. For people who feel a loss of control of their lives due to stress, baking provides a positive outlet. They can control the recipe and the creation of a muffins or cupcakes. For others, the relief comes from the pleasure achieved by accomplishing an intricate recipe and creating something beautiful. When life is full of rain, snow, and the never-ending midterms, things are dull. The beauty of baking brightens the mood. The physical and controlled elements of baking help people release aggression while the creative element of baking allows people to have an outlet for imagination and ideas. Giving the stress-baked goods to friends also decreases stress for people who find pleasure in giving and making others feel happy.

Side Fun Fact:

Interestingly enough, baking is used by occupational therapists as treatment for patients. Baking improves patients’ mental, social, and planning skills. It is also used in treating depression.

So, worried about packing on the pounds from all your stress baking? Well, don’t. The benefits of baking are exceptionally high and can result in increased productivity and focus. There are plenty of healthy recipes so you relieve stress while eating healthy.

Source: Averie Cooks

Source: Averie Cooks


Looking for some recipe recommendations? Check out some of my favorite food blogs to browse:

Averie Cooks

Sally’s Baking Addiction

Happy Baking!


-Shoshana Weiner

Article source.

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  1. This spoke volumes to me. Great post.

    October 31, 2014

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