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Pax et Lox: A Peak Into Tufts’ New Kosher Deli

Kosher dill or half sour?

The million dollar question at the new kosher deli in the campus center, Pax et Lox. Students now have access to a kosher dining option, and delicious sandwiches such as the classic corned beef on rye and smoked salmon (lox) on a bagel.

The opening of the deli has been a huge success. During peak lunch hour, you may expect a line out the door some days. Jewish and non-Jewish students alike flock to Pax et Lox to satisfy their craving for a hot, toasted, fresh turkey sandwich. Mind you, there are also vegan sandwich and side options available.

Manager Ashley and her sidekick Tony keep the deli running smoothly and oversee all food prep. They offer different sandwiches and sides during lunch and dinner periods.

For both meals, you first need to choose a type of bread. You can go for the classic deli rye, whole wheat, white, flatbread, or a bagel. Then, major decision time. What type of sandwich to get?

It’s lunchtime and you desperately need a good tuna sandwich before settling into you seat at Tisch. Order the tuna salad sandwich. Not feeling like tuna but still want fish, there is whitefish salad and smoked salmon. Whitefish salad can be hit or miss. This one is a hit. The mayo-to-fish ratio is perfect, making the salad not too gloppy. The flavor is bold, but not too much to the point where you can’t finish you sandwich.


Want meat? You can choose from chicken, pastrami, corned beef, roast beef, bologna, and more. All the meats are superb. They are nice and lean so you actually eat a meat sandwich and don’t just stuff meat fat into your mouth.

A good hidden gem on the lunch menu is the Portobello mushroom sandwich. I am not a big meat eater myself, and I adore this sandwich. It’s something you cannot get in the dining halls. The mushrooms are marinated with rosemary and then oven roasted until they are soft and tender. It is quite popular, and there have been times when they are running low on mushrooms or have run out. The soy glazed tofu sandwich is an equally good vegan option. This tofu has real flavor and is made fresh. It is the perfect not-too-firm, not-too-soft consistency for a sandwich. YUM!


Next, choose a side. You can pick from an extensive list that includes coleslaw, hummus and pita, potato chips, and more.


Coming back again for round two at dinner? Get ready, because the dinner sandwiches are even better. Although it is always nice to have a plain turkey sandwich, having corned beef with BBQ sauce can really hit the spot. For dinner you can get anything from the double trouble fish sandwich (whitefish and smoked salmon) to the mini pigs in a blanket (no pork, of course).

A new hot commodity for dinner is the warm apple fluffernutter sandwich. It is a marshmallow pillow of heaven on bread. Warm marshmallow fluff blended with peanut butter and apples. Delicious.

The vegan dinner sandwich options are taken to another level with Asian slaw and relish to accompany the soy glazed tofu, and hummus + tapenade to compliment the roasted portobello.

After a sandwich and side, the big decision comes. What kind of pickle? Personally, I can never decide so I opt for both pickles (instead of one pickle and a side). On your way out, if you see Ashley or Tony, give them a big thank-you because they are truly amazing people for running the deli and keeping their customers happy!

-Shoshana Weiner

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