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Easter’s Top Ten Most Wanted List

With Easter just around the corner, it is time to brush the cobwebs off your floral dresses that you’ve pulled out from the back of your closet and get your suits and ties pressed for the special day. While it is important to look your best (hair slicked back for boys and bows for girls, of course), it is even more important that you are eating your best, also known as eating all the Easter candy that your body can handle. Here are ten candies that are holiday favorites that make great Easter basket fillers, and even better fillers for your stomach!

First off: Jellybeans. Whether Jelly Belly or store brand, these little sugary devils are little baby Easter eggs that you will not be able to keep your hands off of. With a variety of flavors, everyone in your family will find at least one kind that they will not be able to resist. Tasty Tufts Tip: While these delicious little candies may appear to be baby Easter eggs, I would not recommend using them in an Easter Egg hunt unless you plan on supplying magnifying glasses, as well.


Source: The Mavins Group

Second: Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg. With the perfect mix of sweet, nutty and salty, adults and kids alike will not be able to resist the Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg. Who doesn’t love peanut butter and chocolate combined into one harmonious candy, especially when it’s specially shaped for the Easter holiday? Tasty Tufts Tip: Buy more than you plan on filling Easter baskets with, as these delectable candies will be loved all year round.


Source: Snort Ramen

Third: Peeps. What more can I say about these cute little cushions of deliciousness that describes them any better than one word: sugar. These marshmallow birds will do nothing less than keep you on your sugar high on the special day. The yellow chicks are probably what everyone thinks of when the word “Peep” comes to mind, but these marshmallow Easter treats now come in other spring colors including pink and green and are even shaped like other spring(y) animals, like bunnies. (Get it? Springy, because they hop!) Tasty Tufts Tip: To add to the sugar jittery goodness, why not add another layer, literally, by dipping these delicious morsels into decadent chocolate?


Source: Lehigh Valley Live

Fourth: Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs. The original malted chocolate candies just got better, as they have transformed into little robin eggs just in time for the holiday. The combination of smooth and creamy milk chocolate covering the light and crunchy malt center cannot be beat. Tasty Tufts Tip: Hide these life-like eggs in birds nest, and I can assure you that not only will your kids be on the hunt for the rest of the day (giving the adults a timely break), but the birds may even be fooled into thinking they produced these chocolate-y little sweeties.



Fifth: Pastel Candy Corn. You may be thinking, “Wait, what? Candy corn is for Halloween, not Easter!” And that was true until Brach’s decided to make these delicious tri-color candies combining springtime pastels, such as pink, yellow, green or blue, replacing the traditional orange, yellow and white that typify October’s spooky holiday. Whether or not you are confused at having Easter candy corn, I cannot complain as it doubles the amount of time in the year that it is acceptable to eat these delicious pyramids of sweetness! Tasty Tufts Tip: If you are okay with giving kids pastel candy corn at Halloween, then stock up on these candy corns during the after Easter sales and save them for the ghoul-y holiday coming up in the Fall!

candy corn


Sixth: Carrot Cake M&Ms. With flavors ranging from peanut to birthday cake, I would not have put it past M&Ms to come out with this delectable Easter flavor! These little morsels contain all the sugar and spice of a decadent carrot cake without the hassle of actually baking one! Tasty Tufts Tip: Replace that hard work and frustration of making the traditional carrot cake and instead, place out a giant bowl of these white chocolate covered dreamboats at the end of the meal! I can promise that there will be more hands in the bowl than anyone thought was humanly possible.


Source: Houston Press

Seventh: Chocolate Bunny. Neither Easter basket nor meal would be complete without the traditional chocolate bunny. In all kinds of tasty chocolates and sizes, every family member will become mesmerized by the adorable chocolate treat! Tasty Tufts Tip: Buy an extra chocolate bunny and put it in a cage as a pet for the kids! This practical joke will surely end any discussion of getting the kids their dream pet, as who wouldn’t want one made out of chocolate?



Eighth: Reese’s Pieces Candy Carrot. While these little treats are not carrot flavored (though I would not be surprised for that to be the next step after seeing M&Ms direction), they are all uniformly orange and place in a carrot-shaped wrapper, making them the most festive Easter-themed candy. Tasty Tufts Tip: Use these treats as decoration, giving these beautifully wrapped delights a delicious dual purpose: décor and food.

reeses pieces carrot

Source: Catch of the Day

Ninth: Jordan Almonds. These scrumptious roasted almonds are covered in a candy shell, creating a fusion of salty and sweet. The candy coating comes in a range of pastel spring colors from green to pink, making these yummy little nuts the perfect addition to any Easter party! Tasty Tufts Tip: Jordan Almonds make great cupcake toppers, as in proportion to the cupcake itself, they look like decorated eggs.

jordan almonds


Tenth: Cadbury Crème Eggs. Last, but certainly not least, are these delectable cream-filled chocolate eggs that cannot be missed on Easter, as they are the quintessential candy classic! Tasty Tufts Tip: Instead of going through the process of dying real eggs, get colored icing to decorate these chocolate eggs with all the colors you can imagine. Best part: your beautifully Easter-decorated eggs are edible!


Source: Mojo Mums

Can you say, “Sugar rush?”

-Jay Sheintop

Cover Photo Source

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