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Saving Money at Whole Foods

I remember walking into my first Whole Foods, stepping into a world of fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables neatly organized, wandering through aisles of hot foods and vegan and vegetarian options for days. My wallet also remembers that trip to Whole Foods, and every single one after it, until I finally figured out not only how to be efficient at grocery shopping, but also how to save money during those heavenly trips. Below, find my top tips for saving money at Whole Foods! If you have any of your own, please add them to the comments!

1) Check the website for coupons and sale tips, and pick up an in-store flyer at the entrance.
Whole Foods publishes a Whole Deal coupon booklet that’s available for download each month. The in-store flyer is unique to each location and shows what savings are available in that store. You can also print out coupons here.

2) Try to only buy seasonal produce.



The above chart is my favorite guide to what’s in season (or not). It’s tacked up on the kitchen wall and I always check it before running to the store (I’m prone to buying berries, and this chart checks me and my list).  I made it REALLY big so it’s easier to print out for you! This is my other favorite kitchen chart,  by the way, in terms of measuring. I’m also a huge fan of this produce chart (and there are fruits, herbs, and vegetables listed).

3) Use those bulk bins!
Scoop your own nuts, grains, lentils and spices – that way, they won’t go to waste when they sit in your cupboard after one use.

4) Buy LOTS of wine.
A 10 percent discount is available when you buy six or more bottles of wine of any size.

5) Use your own bag!

For one thing, they won’t charge you extra for using a paper bag. Also, sometimes you get money back for using your own!

6) Buy 365 Variety/Whole Foods brand products.

Whole Foods prides itself on selling foods, spices, and whatnot that meets a certain standard in ingredients and quality. These are value items that are just as good as brand names, but cost less.



7) Look for those red Everyday Deals tags and yellow tags in the produce section.

Everyday Deals are items that are at their lowest price, everyday. They often are of the 365 Variety/Whole Foods brand products, but not always! The big yellow labels in the produce section also mark sale products. Another tip: produce sales are bi-weekly (ask your local store for the days), and there is a “special” sale every Friday. It’s always something different, but I’ve gotten salmon one week and wine the next, and both were great!

8) Go on a value tour.

Whole Foods has tour guides whose job it is to make sure you understand where the best deals and savings are. Also, all team members know about the deals and savings as well, and would be happy to direct you towards any!

9) Like Whole Foods on Facebook.

It seems silly, but they always have links to their Deal Book and share what sales are available. It’s a good way to keep up with how you can save money on your next trip.

11) If there’s only one item left on the shelf, then you get that item for free!

12) Use the butcher counter to your advantage.

Maybe you want a smaller cut of chicken breast, or only a few slices of cheese – the butchers will cut whatever you want in whatever size you’d like, so there’s no need to purchase any additional servings that may cost more.

-Sarah Tralins

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