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The Wahlbergs: The Semi-Kardashians of Burgers

Brace yourselves Boston, Marky Mark and New Kids on the Block singer/brother, Donnie, are coming home to Beantown! The Wahlberg clan, including matriarch Alma and lesser-known brother, Paul, is taking over the small screen in their new reality TV show, appropriately named “The Wahlburgers”. The reality TV show will follow the family as they try to run a successful burger joint in Hingham, MA while also giving us a glimpse into Mark and Donnie’s pasts.

With a cast including the prime eye candy Mark and Donnie, as well as childhood friends with eccentric nicknames (Johnny “Drama” Alves and Henry “Nacho” Laun, for example), “The Wahlburgers” is sure to be a huge crowd pleaser. But if you are expecting the family drama that unavoidably follows reality TV families such as the Kardashians, you will be sorely disappointed. When asked about the inevitable comparisons, Mark responded: “No, no. It’s very different. It’s very different. Nothing against them. They’ve been hugely successful. It’s just about building a family business. Uh, it’s just very different, very different.”

Source: Foodista

Source: Foodista

That being said, for all the Entourage fans out there, this new show is bound to be immensely satisfying. Through “The Wahlburgers,” Entourage fans will get a glimpse into the actual people that inspired the Mark Wahlberg produced HBO classic. And for those that have never seen Entourage, as long as you love burgers and our Boston boys, you should be all set.

Wahlburgers opened in 2011 and offers an assorted selection of burgers, hot dogs, and side dishes. With specialties and “Mark’s Choice” burgers such as the Thanksgiving Burger and the Bacon Burger, the restaurant has become vastly popular and best of all, it doesn’t break the bank with prices ranging from $6.00 – $9.00.

“The Wahlburgers” premieres on January 22nd on A&E.

– Anushi Shah

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