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Tufts farmers’ market: A student’s best friend

Back-to-school resolution No. 5: keep the fridge stocked with produce. I gave myself a mental pat on the back as I put a vegetable peeler in my suitcase. Veggies are cheap, healthy, and delicious—what a brilliant idea! But like many great plans, Operation Groceries was far more impressive in theory than in practice. We are a month into first semester, and my roommate and I have yet to buy a mini fridge. The prospect of going grocery shopping in Boston with any frequency is becoming quite humorous. The bananas and oranges on my desk, courtesy of Dewick, are a sobering display. If only Tufts would have a farmers’ market on campus to accommodate for my laziness…


Dining Services has teamed up with the Friedman School to answer my produce-related prayers. Every Wednesday, from now until the end of October, they are setting up shop on the Campus Center patio (downhill side). In other words, excellent produce will be on our collective doorstep for four more weeks. Take advantage!


The selection is fresh, albeit small, and moderately affordable. Some prices are a little steep (a bunch of string beans for $4.00? No thanks), but others are quite reasonable. Large, vibrant bundles of kale ($2.50) and adorable miniature pumpkins ($4.00) were some noteworthy offerings at last week’s market. I had a good feeling about the carrots ($2.65/bunch), whose bright orange exteriors were speckled with a thin layer of dirt. The bushy tops extended awkwardly from gnarly bases; they were swollen, contorted fingers extending out from their basket. How could I resist carrots with such personality?


As for taste, they were the thickest, crunchiest, sweetest, most satisfying carrots that I have had in a long time.


The market is full of surprises that extend beyond the ever-changing selection of produce. The Commons offers interesting “entrée specials” at an adjacent booth. The “South American Style Cornbread and Beet Salad” ($2.50/serving) was none too appetizing in appearance, but combination of cornbread, goat cheese, beets, and alfalfa sprouts (among other things) promised to be delicious. I did not buy a bowl, as I was too busy enjoying a free piece of a pumpkin pie bar.


All in all, the farmers’ market is well worth a visit. If not for the carrots, stop by for the free samples and because it is so convenient that you will likely walk through anyway on your way to class.

-Alison Sikowitz


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