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Don’t drink to get drunk…eat!

DISCLAIMER: Neither Min Yi Tan nor Tasty Tufts encourages binge drinking or even the consumption of alcohol at all. Please respect local laws, and drink responsibly!

Have a bottle or two of something special for the weekend? Beyond colorful gummy bears swollen with liquor and intoxicatingly sweet Jell-O shots, there are other fun ways to imbibe alcohol outside of a shot glass or a red solo cup.

Stained Glass Jell-O Source: Intimate Weddings

Stained Glass Jell-O
Source: Intimate Weddings

Instead of having single-colored bowls of Jell-O, this recipe sees multiple dazzling colors mixed into a white gelatin base. This stained-glass Jell-O is non-alcoholic, but you can easily modify it by adding whatever amount of vodka you deem fit for your Jell-O concoction—substituting half of the water used with alcohol (tequila with lime Jell-O, vodka with lemon Jell-O) seems to be a safe ratio. You would have to allow the Jell-O to set beyond the customary wait of a typical overnight refrigeration. However, the pretty result is worth the time. Check out the recipe, and let us know how it goes if you try it!

Once you have the mixing ratio basics of alcohol and Jell-O down, you can experiment easily with literally any cocktail or creation – you can make champagne Jell-O shots, multi-layered Jell-O shots, and fruit-skin Jell-O shots. Since lemon drop Jell-O shots and orange peel Jell-O shots require the removal of the flesh of their respective fruits, you could incorporate fruit juice into your cocktails separately, and cheerily make full use of the lemons and oranges that life gives you.

Blueberry Martini Jelly Source: Bionic Bites

Blueberry Martini Jelly
Source: Bionic Bites

Slightly different from the usual Jell-O type of edible alcohol, this recipe from the LA Times shows you how you can add some antioxidants to make you feel better about consuming copious amounts of alcohol. One appealing feature of this recipe is its cool, unassuming look. If appearances were all that we judged our edibles upon, those who set their eyes on these jelly shots might not be aware of their alcoholic secret. Use your element of surprise responsibly.

This next one here is really sexy. The combination of chocolate + alcohol + fruit inspires fantasies of happy endings of dessert to a satisfying dinner course, and rightfully so.


Source: 52 Kitchen Adventures

Source: 52 Kitchen Adventures




In this edible alcohol recipe, think plump strawberries drenched in luscious sheets of chocolate; yielding under sharp teeth to bring forth fruity juices fortified with vodka. Simply soak clean strawberries in vodka for as long as you please—4 hours should be a good minimum to begin with, though an overnight bath for the fruits would be pleasant. Remove and rinse, before dipping each bulging fruit into a bowl of hot melted chocolate. Replace strawberries with cherries and vodka with brandy for an added kink. Use chocolate-flavoured liquor for increased chocolatey taste. You can also gently slice slits into the fruits to help them absorb all the alcohol they can. And you should definitely consume the fruits of your labor immediately.

We’ve been focusing on the hard stuff, so here’s one for beer. A quick trawl online presented several beer-with-food recipes, like a beer cheddar dip (probably as heavy as it sounds) and chocolate Guinness cake. They make use of the bitter, sour taste that many beers have, to add some sass to already sumptuous food. Check out this link for a more complex recipe, one so potentially hazardous that it should be made before consumption of any beer. It creates caramel candies infused with beer of your choice:

Source: Brown Eyed Baker

Source: Brown Eyed Baker


Follow the instructions precisely and you’ll have perfect goodies to crunch on and get a zippy buzz from. Flavoured liqueurs can also be used in baking desserts, but that’s an adventure for another time. Until then, enjoy making fun nights even more fun!

-Min Yi Tan

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  1. This might be the best blog post we’ve read all day! Thanks for posting!

    September 26, 2013

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