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A lunch at Henrietta’s Table

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Henrietta’s Table

Tables are often booked quickly, so I was shocked when I was able to get a reservation for six at Henrietta’s Table, a restaurant at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, only a few days in advanced. Though not absurdly expensive, Henrietta’s Table is typically out of my price range. College students looking for a more upscale meal should take advantage of the cheaper lunchtime pricing at many of Boston’s restaurants. While still somewhat of a splurge, it’s a great alternative to an evening out for special occasions. I was floored by the restaurant on my previous visit (during parents’ weekend) and was thrilled to have the chance to go back. Our 3-course lunch did not disappoint.

I ordered a spinach salad to start. Though this dish was not particularly exciting in name, it was in taste. Toasted pecans, sweet tangerine slices, and clumps of smooth, barely salty goat cheese were interspersed among the crisp leaves of spinach. The ensemble was tossed in a light vinaigrette, the sweet undertones of which married the salad’s various flavors without diminishing the integrity of each ingredient. The simple composition highlighted the dish’s freshness, its most pleasing feature.


This delicate appetizer was the ideal prelude to my main course, a salmon burger. The fish was well seasoned, perfectly cooked, and accompanied by a creamy tartar sauce and lightly dressed greens. The rich, crunchy sauce was a wonderful addition to the tender yet mild burger (not breaded or greasy in the least), and a squirt of freshly squeezed lemon juice both highlighted and bound the different components. Again, clean preparation let the ingredients speak for themselves. The rather tasteless bun was the only disappointing aspect.


As always, I had trouble selecting a dessert from the list of mouth-watering options. However, my decision was ameliorated by the prospect of sampling my friends’ choices (chocolate bread pudding with caramelized bananas and maple cheesecake), and I settled on apple cobbler. The filling was piping hot, retained some texture, and struck the perfect balance between spicy and sweet. I could have eaten tubs of the addictive apple mixture; it hardly required the bread topping and complimentary scoop of ice cream, but these additions certainly didn’t hurt! I opted for rum raisin ice cream in lieu of vanilla. The frozen treat was particularly boozy – an added bonus.


Henrietta’s Table has consistent, high-quality, delicious food. Our server, whose rude and impatient comportment made her better suited for the fast food industry, was the only blemish in an otherwise excellent experience.

Ambiance: A

Service: C+

Food (taste): A

Food (presentation): A

Price: $20-40/person

Overall: A-

1 Bennett St.
Cambridge, MA 02140
Neighborhoods: Cambridge

-Alison Sikowitz

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