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Sweet and salty are better together.

According to former Tasty Tufts editor Jon Cheng, sweet and salty is the new sweet and sour—and he just might be right. This combination has been growing in popularity in recent years and there are many ways to satisfy your sugar and salt cravings at the same whether you want to take a trip to the store or throw together a few ingredients.

Next time you’re making a meal, try mixing sweet and salty elements to create a dish with more punch. A few good combinations are: white chocolate with olives, citrus fruits with blue cheese, pears with beef, dates with bacon, and watermelon with salt.

If you’d rather just head to the store, try Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby (which the CVS in Davis Square conveniently stocks up on). Often heralded as one of Ben and Jerry’ s best flavors, Chubby Hubby is a delicious blend of vanilla malt ice cream with fudge-covered pretzels infused with peanut butter and fudge and peanut butter swirls. The addition of malt to Ben and Jerry’s traditional vanilla ice cream takes the ice cream to the next level and compliments the rest of the ingredients, which play on the dualities of sweet and salty and smooth and crunchy.



Perhaps the most exciting union of sweet and salty comes with Alton Brown’s grapefruit brulee. There’s really no excuse not to try this one—it’s a unique blend of flavors, satisfies a craving for crème brulee (without all the cream) and takes about three minutes to make.



Ingredients (Serves 4)

  • 2 pink or red grapefruits
  • 2 tablespoons coarse sugar
  • ¾ tablespoons coarse salt


Special Equipment: Blowtorch (or any flame)

  1. Halve each grapefruit crosswise, and cut a thin slice off the bottom of each half to stabilize the pieces. Remove all seeds from the grapefruit, and loosen the segments with a paring knife.
  2. Sprinkle each half evenly with the sugar. Using a blowtorch, melt the sugar to form a golden brown and crispy surface. Sprinkle the hot sugar with the salt, and serve immediately.

For more inspiration, check out this BuzzFeed page. Better yet, think of your favorite foods that are sweet and salty, and then try eating them together. You never know what kind of magic you’ll discover.

-Joyce Harduvel

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