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Dining Hall Creations: Rice Krispies Treats

Tufts dining halls are famous for their wide variation of food. From omelets to stir-fry to a colorful salad bar, there is always a healthy option and something for everyone to eat. However, indulging in similar things each week can at times become tedious, and even with special themed nights and desserts galore, we take our food for granted periodically.  It’s no secret that every once in a while, creativity is crucial.

The key to dining hall originality is combining different foods to create flavors we already love. The added bonus?  You can return to your days of baking—outside the dorm—while taking a break from midterms and finals. Reward yourself for all your hard work by switching up your routine meal for something more unique. This week’s recipe of choice? Rice Krispy Treats (note: works best on sundae nights)



  • Marshmallow fluff
  • Rice Krispy Cereal
  • Extra toppings (chocolate chips, m&m’s, nutella, etc).
  • Paper sundae cups
  • Salad bowl


  1. Scoop marshmallow fluff into bottom of salad bowl
  2. Spread rice krispies on top of fluff until most of bowl is full
  3. Combine fluff and rice krispies using a fork, until consistently blended
  4. Scoop mixture into paper cups
  5. Add extra toppings into the cups
  6. Pat down mixture so that ingredients are as compressed as possible
  7. Eat at this step, or bring cups back to your dorm and place them in the refrigerator
  8. Once hardened, pull Rice Krispy Treats out of the cups and enjoy!

Thank you Alex Goldshmidt and Ryan Leung for sharing your dining hall creation!

-Mackenzie Brewster

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