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DINING HALL GOURMET: Delicious DIY Dewick Sweets

Even if you’re limited to the choices offered at the dining hall, you still have the opportunity to try something new. You’ll need a little bit of creativity, but with some useful swap-out skills (good to know for later in life as well), you can expand the standard offerings exponentially. Here are some awesome ideas for satisfying your sweet tooth:


Whether you’re a serial cereal eater or a Sunday bruncher, you can definitely get tired of the standard breakfast fare. Lucky for you, you have several options. If you’re a bagel or muffin person, have you tried a banana cream sandwich? That’s cream cheese, banana slices, and honey. It’s a great combination of flavors and guaranteed to wake you up in the morning. When we heard about people adding things to waffle batter, we were shocked we hadn’t heard of it before. Be neat about it, but next time you’ve got a waffle craving we encourage you to try adding nutella, peanut butter, raisins, or even bacon to the mix.

[] (Sweet and Savory Bacon Waffles from ‘The Family Kitchen’ on babble)

If you start your day with granola and yogurt, try this: start with a layer of your favorite granola or a bran-based cereal, then add nonfat plain yogurt. Mix in the juice of a lemon or lime and the contents of a packet of Splenda. You’ll have a delicious citrus-flavored parfait that tastes almost like key lime or lemon merengue pie.

Sweet Sandwiches

PB&J not doing it for you? Your standard three-letter sandwich can be livened up by a variety of additions. Show your Somerville pride with a marshmallow fluff sandwich: beyond the standard fluffernutter (fluff and peanut butter) you can try nutella, jam, or banana. Change up the bread; rye can offset the sweetness nicely while pitas lend themselves to “stuffed” hot sandwiches. In the spirit of the PB&B (peanut butter and banana), replace the jam with fresh fruit or raisins. If you want to “impress” (read: annoy) your friends with your foodie cred, be adventurous: try adding sriracha or tabasco to the peanut butter, mix in some meat (bacon?) or add a flavorful cheese (try a European favorite: melted cheese and jam).



If you’re a fan of fluff, try this: toast two slices of bread and spread marmalade on one side and fluff on the other. Combine and press in the panini press. If you’ve ever had an orange creamsicle, this tastes uncannily similar as well as being a bit easier on the jaw than a good old fluffernutter.

Ice Cream Novelties

One of the perks of a meal plan is ice cream on demand. Unsurprisingly students have made all sorts of creative dessert combinations. With the standard soft-serve machine, we’ve seen ice cream sandwiches (ice cream between two cookies), ice cream floats (fill a cup up ¼ of the way and then add soda), milkshakes, and mock affogatos (coffee and ice cream). Some of the more creative combinations we’ve seen are peaches and cream (peach juice and vanilla) and mocha. You can also work with toppings and mix-ins: try honey, peanut butter, canned fruit, lemon or lime juice, or flavored yogurt. As with weird sandwich fillings, there are some interesting options for a truly adventurous foodie. Have you tried olive oil, salt, balsamic vinegar or even sriracha? We’d love to hear about how they taste.

If you’re not a New Yorker, you can try your hand at making egg cream. To a small amount of milk, add chocolate or vanilla soft-serve. Fill up the remainder of the cup with soda water (it’ll form a head very quickly) and enjoy immediately. Not quite authentic, but definitely an interesting combination of milk shake and float.



Not a sweets person? Check back in future for more Dewick DIY recipes.

 -Edmund Brennan

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