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Unleash your inner chef with these Boston-area cooking classes

With the rise of online step-by-step recipes and how-to cooking videos, one might question the necessity of attending an actual cooking class. Nevertheless, many would agree that there is no better way to hone your culinary skills than by learning hands-on from the creators of your favorite restaurant dishes. From classes on beginners’ cooking techniques to Asian fusion dishes, who knew that the Medford, Somerville, and Cambridge area would have you covered—with darling aprons—for whatever kitchen-related desires you have. Time to roll up your sleeves and unleash your inner chefs, spare some money and, of course, eat the best.



ArtEpicure Cooking School: Mediterranean and more

Run by former Executive Chef and Tufts University’s culinary history instructor chef Mark DesLauriers, ArtEpicure is a unique little Somerville culinary institution located in the chef’s own home. Its cooking philosophy focuses on “quality, history, science, tradition, and sustainability,” and it is apparent through DesLauriers’ commitment to use local, fresh ingredients from small businesses. ArtEpicure’s sample menu looks divine—note that DesLauriers can create custom menus to suit his participants’ liking, allergens, and dietary restrictions. Class prices range from $55 to approximately $90, and they are three to four hours long. If you are looking for a small group class with an intimate setting, look no further.



Dave’s Fresh Pasta: Italian

With its delectable sandwiches, smoked mozzarella pumpkin ravioli, and array of Iggy’s bread, one might wonder: could Dave’s get any better? Apparently it can. This much-loved place regularly offers Italian-cooking classes—including risotto and gnocchi making—taught by its very own chef Jason Martin. Classes cost between 50 to 60 dollars, including dinner and sometimes wine. Interested? Be sure to book soon as these classes fill up fast—especially after The Boston Globe featured it last October. If you manage to go, be sure to get there slightly early to wander around the grocery section and treat yourself to some of their cheeses and chocolates, among other things.

The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts: Cakes, Pastries, and more

The name The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts (CSCA) may appear deceiving, as it might fool one into thinking that it only accepts future professional chefs. However, CSCA actually offers various recreational programs designed for amateur chef, such as sushi making and techniques of fish cookery. What set CSCA’s classes apart from others is the fact that many are couples classes. At 150 dollars per couple, they could be such nice anniversary, birthday, or valentine’s gifts! Just sayin’.

The Elephant Walk: French-Cambodian and more

The Elephant Walk may have three Greater Boston branches and a solid reputation for their food, but little do most know that they offer cooking classes on the weekends year-round. These classes are taught at their Boston and Cambridge restaurants by their Executive Chefs, and vary in focus: some classes explore Chinese and Southeast Asian stir-fried and steamed dishes, while others explore fusion French-Cambodian cuisines. As always, 75 dollars will get you a 3-hour culinary experience and a meal you will certainly be pleased about.

Stay tuned for part two on cooking schools!

-Andari Gusman

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