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Dressing up: From couture to cuisine

When I first saw Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Oscar gown, I entered a world of lighthearted fantasy.  Her red carpet grace emitted an air of richness and regality, giving me the feeling of relief and beauty. Then I realized. I feel the same way when I eat my favorite lemon soufflé. Every spoonful is as fluffy and lush as the Dior mermaid tail. The lemon liqueur melts in the same way her second tier of fabric falls. I feel rich and regal, relieved and lighthearted.

In modern society, food and fashion work together to better every experience. They create an ambiance, a setting of luxury. Take the hit CW show Gossip Girl, for example. A morning at Serena van der Woodsen’s Upper East Side loft isn’t complete without an elaborate brunch and a striking necklace or printed dress. In life, there can’t be galas without hors d’oeuvres and gowns. There can’t be tea parties without petit fours and giant hats. There can’t be wine tastings without cheese and classy cocktail dresses.



No matter where we go, food and fashion become a cohesive entity. Last weekend, I personally was just as excited about dressing up for a trip to Newbury Street as I was about coming back to order Helen’s. When friends decide to splurge on food for a night out in Boston, they prepare themselves for a full event. Going out gives reason to take lots of pictures—of friends having fun in the city, or, let’s be real, of some non-dining hall food. The outfit worn, the meal ordered, and the JP licks ice cream eaten waiting for the Joey all become memories of that big night out. Fashion and food are not just components of an occasion—together they make the occasion.

That’s why industry A-listers have been creatively using food to enhance the fashion industry as a whole.  Designer Reed Krakoff collaborated with the renowned Parisian macaron shop, Ladurée New York, to create a limited edition black matte macaron for New York Fashion Week. Keeping consistent with his modern and minimalist theme, the simplistic dark chocolate macaron and matching sleek black packaging completed his fashion line by successfully conveying style on and off the runway.



Similarly, Cynthia Rowley treated her guests to both her Fall 2013 line and her newest collection of sweets, titled CuRious. According to Rowley, CuRious Candy is “Totally Willy Wonka…Willy Wonka with a dark side.” Take a look at her creations and promo video:

Christina Tosi from Momofuku Milk Bar worked with model Karlie Kloss to create Karlie’s Kookies. Each tin of 6 Kookies provides 60 nutritious school meals for children around the world through the FEED Foundation. Even better, the cookies are both gluten-free and dairy-free. (Read more about these healthy cookies and contribute to their cause here.)

So, next time you go out for a nice dinner, think about how what you’re wearing influences your taste buds. And when you’re dressing up for a formal event, recognize your excitement for the finger foods and cocktails of which you’ll get to indulge. Food and fashion are one in the same, and realizing their beauty can change the way you see the world. Check out how one foodie fashionista blogger altered her perspective:





To see more, check out the full blog here.

 -Mackenzie Brewster

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