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5, 10, 15: Gourmet grilled cheese for all budgets

Sometimes the best meals are the ones that are the simplest and the easiest to make. Case in point: grilled cheese. If you ask me, there’s almost nothing better than oozy melted cheese pressed between two slices of bread grilled to crispy perfection. Lucky for us Jumbos, there are lots of places right here in Somerville that sell out-of-this-world-good cheese and bread. Of course, good cheese and bread can get expensive, and I know that, as college students, you probably aren’t looking to drop a ton of cash on a sandwich. But not to worry—no matter what your budget is, you can afford to make a scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich that pleases your taste buds as much as it pleases your wallet. Note: the following prices are for full loaves of bread and whole blocks of cheese—that means for these prices you can make many, many grilled cheese sandwiches! You’ll be set for days.

For ~$5

The bread: Iggy’s Multigrain Bread – $2.95, Dave’s Fresh Pasta

The cheese: Havarti Dill – $2.76, Whole Foods


Ironically, of the three grilled cheese sandwiches you’ll see on this page, this one—the one for which I spent the least on ingredients—was my favorite. The bread had a really nice texture and flavor (I could taste every grain just as clearly as I could see it), and the dill from the cheese was rather tasty as well. It felt like I was eating a healthy version of grilled cheese, but without sacrificing any flavor or substance. I’m looking forward to making this again.

For ~$10

The bread: Olive Bread – $6.00, When Pigs Fly Bakery

The cheese: Smoked Gouda – $3.22, Dave’s Fresh Pasta


Before I even say anything about this sandwich itself, I just have to take a moment to rave about the bread: this olive bread from When Pigs Fly in Davis is probably the most delicious bread I have ever tasted. Ever. It had real chunks of Sicilian green and Kalamata olives in it, as well as rosemary and a kick of black pepper. It was super moist, due both to its freshness, as it was baked that day, and to the oil from the olives. I sampled a tiny piece as soon as I left the bakery (which I highly recommend you pay a visit) and as a reflex reaction said aloud “OH MY GOD.” But let’s not forget about the cheese. This smoked Gouda from Dave’s Fresh is also delicious. However, the only issue I had with this sandwich was that the cheese didn’t melt as much as I would have liked (even though it cooked at the same temperature as the other cheeses did). But if you don’t mind your cheese a little al dente, this isn’t a bad option at all.

For ~$15

The bread: Iggy’s Onion Focaccia – $5.34, Whole Foods

The cheese: Smith’s Country Sharp Cheddar – $6.48, Dave’s Fresh Pasta

Untitled3 Remember what I said earlier about the $5 grilled cheese tasting healthy and nutritious? That doesn’t exactly apply to this sandwich. But MAN can 15 bucks (less, actually) get you the makings for a yummy grilled cheese. For this sandwich I used onion focaccia bread, originally from Iggy’s Bread in Cambridge but I found it at Whole Foods. The onion-y, garlic-y top crust was the best part. And the cheese I used was an extra sharp cheddar. Cheddar is usually my cheese of choice when it comes to grilled cheese, and in my opinion, the sharper the better. The sharpness of the cheese and the sweetness of the caramelized onions made for a fantastic combination. If you’re as into good cheddar cheese and tasty focaccia bread as I am, this sandwich is worth spending a little extra dough (no pun intended).

-Sara Pantel

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  1. Grilled cheese is probably my favorite meal. If you add avocado slices before grilling, the warm, creamy, nutty avocado oils pair perfectly with fresh multigrain bread (Dave’s, of course). And a few bread and butter pickles on the side?…delicious.

    February 27, 2013

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