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Rod Dee: Local Thai food at its most addictive and affordable

Restaurant Review: Rod Dee

Let me set this straight. It is a truth universally acknowledged that (almost) everyone loves Thai food. From Tom Yang Kung (spicy shrimp soup), to Pad Thai, to Khao Niao Mamuang (mango with sticky rice), the cuisine is prevalent throughout Southeast Asia and beyond. Greater Boston, for one, is no stranger to the cooking, as Thai restaurants can be found in most of its neighborhoods. Porter Square, alone, has three—one of which I visit regularly: Rod Dee.


Located in very close proximity to the Porter Square T station and bus stop, Rod Dee is very easy to get to. At the same time, the restaurant could be easy to miss, as the storefront is relatively small when compared to its surrounding outlets. Do not let its size fool you, because Rod Dee is a gem for college students on the hunt for a cheap, quick, and satisfying meal.


The restaurant has a bright and easy atmosphere, with a mix of a restaurant and grab-and-go feel to it. The interior is decorated with clean wooden flooring, tables, and chairs; modern lamps; and several quaint Thailand-related photos and paintings. You order and pay for your food at the counter, and a staff member delivers your food hot to your table. Once you’re done, you are expected to clean up after yourself and forgo your seats for the usually many patrons who have been waiting for some time… Note the place can get very busy during weekend dinner times, in which case you might have to fight for or perhaps share a table.


Displayed on a long chalkboard on top of the counter, Rod Dee’s menu is extensive. I am almost certain that there are several dishes that you would not normally find in a typical Thai-American restaurant. There are also specials and a special-of-the-day menu, which on my last visit included Thai beef curry udon and rice. The fact that everything sounded delicious and that I had not been to Rod Dee since last semester’s finals week made it especially difficult for me to decide on what to order. Thus far I have tried beef Pad Kra Pao, Tom Yum noodle soup, Indonesian Nasi Goreng (fried rice) with crispy chicken, among many others—most of which were, I thought, great value for my money.

My two friends and I both ordered Pad See You (stir fry noodle) with beef and chicken. Our orders were delivered within ten minutes or less of ordering, and the portions are as huge as I ‘d remembered. For a moment we forgot about the cold weather and remnants of Nemo as we dove right in, enjoying sips of coconut drink and free hot Thai tea in between.


There are appetizers and desserts to share as well, and I was tempted to order a delectable-looking Thai donut with sweet milk sauce provided that I finished my main course. Since I ended up packing almost half of my noodles to take home, I decided to satiate my yearning another time.

I have been to Rod Dee or ordered in from there numerous times since I was first introduced to the location early last semester. Oh, Rod Dee. What would I do without you? Anyway, the restaurant is cash only. They do have an ATM machine, but I am not sure if they charge you extra to withdraw money so you better come prepared!

Ambiance: B+

Service: A-

Food (taste): A- 

Food (presentation): B+

Price: Approximately $10/person

Overall: B+/A-

1906 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140
Neighborhood: Porter Square

(617) 374-9252

-Andari Gusman

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