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FoodTube: Jamie Oliver’s intimate and essential YouTube channel

Whether or not you’re familiar with the British chef Jamie Oliver—in the States he’s hosted television shows including “Jamie at Home” and “Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals”—if you consider yourself at all a foodie (which I suspect you might if you’re visiting this blog), you may want to check out Oliver’s recently debuted YouTube channel, Food Tube.

Since its launch on January 21st, Oliver has uploaded nearly 100 videos to Food Tube, with more being added every day. They include cooking demos; Q&A-style videos with Oliver’s “Food Team”; a video about food photography; a video in which Oliver attempts to break the Guinness World Record for the most chili peppers chopped in 30 seconds (and succeeds); and a series of videos entitled “Weird and Wonderful,” in which Oliver investigates unusual foods and explains how to cook with them. Essentially, Food Tube is a foodie’s Internet dream (or nightmare, if you consider how many hours one could spend on Food Tube instead of doing homework…).

The videos on Food Tube are divided into three sections: the first, “Jamie’s Food World,” includes videos that feature people who are important to Oliver on a personal level—mentors, chefs he has trained, and his “Food Team,” a team of people Oliver knows who answer viewers’ food-related questions. The “Jamie Presents…” section is a collection of YouTube videos hand picked by Jamie that are either from other chefs or otherwise food related. And the “Just Jamie” section is exclusively videos of Jamie—original recipes from Jamie, behind-the-scenes clips from Jamie’s past television shows, etc.

What’s great about Food Tube is that it’s interactive; Oliver encourages viewers to leave comments and suggestions on his videos—to which he, himself, replies. If you want to make one of the recipes from the many cooking demos on Food Tube, you can easily follow along with the demo, pausing the video as needed, rather than printing out the recipe on a sheet of paper and following written instructions; you can feel as though you are actually receiving a cooking lesson. And the entire channel has a very casual and personal feel—it feels as though you are getting to know Jamie Oliver with every video you watch.

Food Tube is a unique idea for presenting various kinds of food-related content all in one place. If you are at all interested in food or cooking, you are likely to find something on Food Tube that sparks your interest (or “tickles your fancy,” as Oliver might say). I encourage all you foodies to check it out! Go to and click around–you may stumble upon some really interesting stuff.

 -Sara Pantel

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