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Looking back on Tufts food week

I have discovered my new favorite week of the year. It is not my birthday week, which I celebrate for seven full days, nor is it Christmakkah. As of a few days ago, it has been Tufts Food Week. In honor of National Food Day—October 24 this year—Tufts Food for Thought organized and promoted many events throughout the week of October 22 through 26. Because Food Week also happened to be Midterm Hell Week for me, I was only able to attend a few of the events. Browsing through the schedule and reading up on what was in store made me realize the further extent of the foodie culture here at our lovely school.


Tufts Culinary Society provided, as part of this event, its first demonstration of the year using seasonal flavors to create butternut squash pasta (thank you, Giada, for a lovely goat cheese-filled recipe) and apple crisp (so much better than the slightly-failed attempt at a pie I concocted a few weeks back). Lai Hau Choi, Culinary Society co- president, graciously offered to host the event at her house. Through a very selective process (or first come, first served), people were chosen to be a part of this lovely meal. Six guests, plus Lai Hau, set to work preparing and ended up with an amazing meal. The pasta was studded with home-toasted walnuts, baked butternut squash, and sweet onions, and topped with sautéed shrimp, and every piece of penne was saturated with the tangy goat cheese sauce. I am sadly not the biggest proponent of cheese of the goat variety, but even I was a changed woman after a few bites of the creamy penne.


The apple crisp was perfectly sweet (thanks to sweet apples and copious amounts of even sweeter sugar) and cinnamon-y, with a great crunch from the butter-laden oat crumble on top. I will definitely be trying these recipes again, especially if it gives me another excuse to go apple picking…


Although I am very sad to say that this lovely occasion is over until next year, I hope Food Week, or just food-related events, continue to be a Tufts scene staple.

-Isabelle Vrod

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