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GETTING TO THE GREEK: Greek Festival Truck

A food truck has once again won over my heart, and stomach. It is hard not to notice (or smell) the Greek Festival truck, stationed right on College Ave everyday from 11am-12am and as late as 2am on Fridays and Saturdays. Everything from gyros to falafel is served fresh from the two friendliest men in Medford/Sommerville (That’s saying something!). Every morning the guys set up shop with the fresh ingredients and fire up the beautiful rotating spit. I have to admit, I passed this truck many times before actually trying it. What was holding me back I am not sure, but since my first bite I knew it would become a weekly tradition. The traditional gyro sandwich is nothing less than perfect. The meat, lamb and pork, is salty, moist and fresh. The pita bread is served warm and it is all topped with crunchy tomatoes, onions and a special tzatziki sauce. The ratio of meat to toppings is just right, allowing each bite to taste just as good as the next. Chicken gyros are also available, and just as succulent. I had to try the falafel wrap in order to give a well-rounded opinion, but I will definitely stick to my traditional gyro in the future. Every sandwich or wrap is quite large and filling, but there are many combos available that include French fries or a soda. The French fries are actually delicious- thick cut, and not too salty. No combo exceeds $8 so pigging out is very affordable. Greek Festival is definitely worth trying, but don’t say I didn’t warn you when you get addicted!

– Camille Bergsrud

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