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MIX MENU: An alternative Foodler, Grubhub, now defunct Campusfood

As a college student, I am constantly tired and always hungry. By Friday night, I am tired of the salad bar at Dewick and have had pasta at least three times for dinner. Desperate for “real food”, but too lazy to get dressed and hop on the Joey, I searched for places that delivered in the area. It was then that I learned about This website is a dream, delivering anything from Indian cuisine to sushi to Brazilian steak right to the front door of your dorm.

I gave this website a shot by ordering from Masala in Somerville. It was a quick transaction, completely done online. The menus are listed online and you simply click what you want, enter your phone number and address and they will deliver it at whatever time specified or as soon as possible. You can register with MixMenu to make the process even shorter, or as the motto says “your favorite meal is a click away.” I chose the asap option, and my naan, samosas, and lamb arrived in 25 minutes, faster than the average pizza delivery. MixMenu strategically caters to our frugal, student demographic by providing direct links for substantial discounts for about 10% and even up to 30% for first time customers. Also, there is no extra delivery charge. To top that, when you order through MixMenu, for every $10.00 spent, MixMenu donates 15¢ to Action Against Hunger, an nonprofit that works in 43 countries worldwide to provide immediate and sustainable food sources.

So next time you need a tasty study break or have the munchies after a fun night, use your laptop or even your phone and click over a delicious, high quality meal right over to your dorm.

– Camille Bergsrud

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  1. Mike #

    MixMenu restaurants all appear on Foodler, so you might as well just go browse everything in one place.

    May 20, 2013

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