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Bourdain kicks off new season of No Reservations with Mozambique

Your favorite ex-heroin addict, chef, author and Travel Channel celebrity has returned to the tube this spring with an all-new season of No Reservations: Anthony Bourdain’s foul-mouthed, wildly popular show that explores the world through food. This month, Tony kicks off the season in Mozambique, a former Portuguese colony in southeastern Africa, currently in recovery from years of failed communism and civil war. The episode will highlight these problems, but also focus on everyday life, the country’s natural beauty, and of course, Mozambique’s rich culinary tradition.

According to Bourdain in a recent press release, “Of the 15 locations, so far Mozambique has been the biggest surprise… It was inspiring to see a country with so difficult a history and so much to rebuild filled with so much hope – and truly delicious food. It’s a breathtaking and little seen location.”

In his typical style, Bourdain explores some of the country’s working-class neighborhoods, especially the local cuisine. He tries foods made with traditional African ingredients and Portuguese influence, including feijoada, a dish made with rice, beans, and scraps of available meat. Later, Tony raves about matapa, a Mozambican specialty made from coconut milk, vegetables, and cashews. Then, far from the city, Bourdain visits the Makua people, in time to celebrate a girl’s birthday with more exciting flavors.

The food and culture of Mozambique is rich and makes for an interesting visit

The country also boasts 1,400 miles of coastline along the Indian Ocean, and is home to some incredible seafood, including some very special tiger prawns. In this clip, Tony is seen exploring a fish market in Maputo, the nation’s capital.

And this promising first episode is only the beginning! Stay tuned for more this season, when Tony visits: Austin, TX; Finland; the Croatian coast; Kansas City, MO; Lisbon, Portugal; Penang, Malaysia; Baja, Mexico, and a special at the annual Cook It Raw chef’s event in Japan. The show premieres Monday, April 9 at 9/8 central on the Travel Channel. Happy watching!

– Gabriel Spieler

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