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BEST OF BOSTON: Belgian Pommes Frites, Waffles, and more

From the outside, Saus does not look like much. In fact I walked by it (twice) because I was preoccupied by a Mardi Gras parade happening in the street. A four-minute walk from the Government Center T stop, it is a tiny shop hidden on a street full of pubs. And it honestly has the best Belgian street food I’ve ever had.

At Saus, you order at the counter and then have to squeeze between other people to fit at a table. This would not be a good place to come with a large group of people. However, that is the only negative comment I can make.

My friend and I both ordered the veggie croquette salad and split a regular order of pommes frites with cheddar duvel and olé chipotle sauces. There is no question that these fries had been full potatoes very recently. They were perfectly crispy and moist but not at all greasy, and you could see the flecks of sea salt on the outside. My favorites were the little crispy fries that snuck to the bottom of the paper triangle. The cheddar duvel sauce was a perfect combination of cheddar and beer that went really well with the fries, but needed to be a little warmer for a better consistency. The chipotle sauce was delicious as well even though I don’t usually like mayonnaise-based sauces. My favorite dipping sauce though, was the spicy chili mayonnaise that came with my salad.

The salad was a mix of fresh, crisp veggies in a light dressing topped with veggie croquettes that I can only make a vague guess about the ingredients of. It seemed like mashed potato, carrots and maybe pickle? If mashed potatoes and a veggie burger had a baby and fried it and dipped it in spicy mayonnaise, it would be these veggies croquettes. Even with the croquettes being fried and eating my weight in pommes frites, the salad was so refreshing that I didn’t feel greasy or disgusting.

So I decided to remedy my healthiness by eating a waffle. Belgian waffles (or liège waffles) will always have a special place in my heart and my stomach. Halfway down the mountain at Okemo Ski Resort is the Waffle Haus, which is a little wooden shack that serves liège waffles with chocolate sauce right on the side of the mountain. The only way to get there is to ski or snowboard down, and the smell of burnt sugar and butter float all the way up the mountain. Anyways, because of that, I feel like I am a bit of a waffle connoisseur, and the waffles at Saus did not at all disappoint.

A liège waffle does not have much in common with a typical American waffle besides the shape. It is made from a thick dough that has pearl sugar (picture a bunch of small sugar cubes) incorporated. The sugar pearls on the outside caramelize on the waffle iron and the ones inside offer a crunchy bite. We got two waffles; one with salted caramel and one with homemade (yes homemade!!) Nutella and split them both. There really aren’t any words to describe how delicious both these waffles were. All I can tell you is that I literally licked the plate. But I did it sneakily when no one was looking. Saus is open until 2 am on the weekends, and I can think of nothing better than pommes frites and a salted caramel waffle for a late night snack after a night out. Or maybe for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. Do yourself a favor and make a trip to Saus. You can send your waffles of appreciation to me later.

Ambiance: B

Service: B+

Food (taste): A

Food (presentation): A

Price: ~$12/person

Overall: A-

– Rachel Adelsberger

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