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Want to learn how to cook professionally while still in college? Here’s how!

As much as many of us would love to run off to Paris for a few months and take a course at l’Ecole Ritz Escoffier, there are starting points we can embark on in Boston to fulfill our culinary ambitions. For those of us looking to improve our culinary repertoire, those of us tired of repetitive Dewick fare, or for those of us looking to impress a date (Valentine’s Day is right around the corner), there are some quick and accessible cooking classes available to sharpen our skills. In preparation for the thick of the semester, we present to you some cookig classes to take before free time becomes a rare commodity yet again.

Le Cordon Bleu

215 First Street Cambridge, MA 02142


Le Cordon Bleu, whose worldwide campuses have produced outstanding chefs like Julia Child (who more than sufficiently cancels out other less-deserving graduates, like Giada de Laurentiis), offers special one-day events open to the general public. Usually on a Saturday for a three hour session, these classes range from a class on Valentine’s Chocolates to Basic Cooking Techniques. Information can be requested on their website to sign up for the courses.

Helen’s Kitchen

3 Ingleside Rd, Natick, MA


Helen’s Kitchen, taught by chef Helen Rennie at her own house, provides cooking classes open to everyone. These three-hour sessions are small and hands-on, so register early to ensure a spot. Helen teaches each class personally; she explores the “secrets of raw fish,” teaches knife skills, how to make your own pasta, among other culinary essentials. Classes range from $80-$100 per person.

Dave’s Fresh Pasta

81 Holland Street Somerville, MA  02144


We all love Dave’s Fresh for its sandwiches, and its earthy selection of cheeses and chocolates and wines, and other specialty items, is bound to warm anyone’s heart. Dave’s also offers cooking classes on weeknights from 6-8:30 PM and on Sundays from 3-6 PM. Dave’s can take you on a tour of regional Italian cuisine, from Piedmont to Tuscany, or it can teach you how to deep fry to perfection (This ain’t your Paula Deen fryin’.). Dave’s offers wine tastings on Thursdays and offers private cooking classes as well.

Artepicure Cooking School

1 Fitchburg Street  Somerville, MA 02143


Located nearby in Somerville, the Artepicure Cooking School offers a wide range of technique classes, as well as classes focusing on specific cuisines or types of cooking. Artepicure offers a class for gourmet cooking on a budget, which is right up the broke college student’s alley. Take the course on classic Thai cooking, which promises to go beyond learning how to make pad thai. Classes fill up quickly, so learn some new recipes before its too late to impress that special someone.

Stir Boston

102 Waltham Street Boston, MA 02118

617-423-STIR (7847)

For those of us more willing to splurge on our culinary ambitions, Stir Boston is one of the pricier options. Offering classes on citrus, the “science behind food,” and braising, among other topics, Stir Boston’s classes are priced at around $145. Stir also has started a Friday night Chef’s Table, which is a chance to socialize with other foodies, eat a delicious dinner, and sharpen your cooking chops all at once.

– Damanpreet Pelia

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