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The Art of Giving: Ina Garten’s rolling pin, Asian woks, Pot, Drinking Vineager, and more

Forget Christmas sweaters, anything made with pumpkin, and pecans.  Christmas is a time of gift giving, and for us college students, we should make logical choices. Reward a loved one or a friend in college with these unusual options, all of which suitably tailored to a specific demographic. As college students, we probably haven’t thought about giving gifts quite yet, having narrowly escaped a stressful week of finals. Fret not – most of these can be bought in-store or be expressed ship, depending on how badly you want them by. Enjoy!

For the Athlete who tires of drinking store-brought protein shakes but would still like to get ripped

Oster 6-cup Glass Jar 8-speed Blender. $39 from

Here is a solid blender that comes in below $40 and will not make a sticky mess. A blender is versatile but most useful for the athlete who appreciates a anti-oxidant rich berry smoothie with some whey protein thrown in the mix. May also be used for alcoholic smoothies, but that’s a different story altogether.

For the one who does the eyeroll when Ina Garten rolls dough with that phallic-looking rolling pin, because you secretly want it too. 

French Rolling Pin. $19

Voila. This is a rolling pin fit for the professional french-home cook or chef, except that it’s made in the USA. The seller, Kaufman Mercantile offers free 3-day shipping for this unique, beautiful ornament that is made with “kiln-dried hard American wood” with “tapered ends for precise rolling.” If the description is not suggestive enough, then you must really want this quite badly. Get it here.

For the girl who likes to cook barefoot so she can show off her legs

The Original Wellness Mats, from $119. Available here

Besides showing off beautiful legs, Wellness Mats apparently improve circulation and aid with posture. A bit on the pricey-side, but then again think of the benefits…

For your Asian friend who can’t stop complaining about how the stir-fry at the Dining Halls are not “authentic” enough

Iron 13′ Peking Wok, $49. Buy it from GiltTaste.

The reason why stir-fries don’t always work out the way you want them to is because they don’t use proper woks. Here, Gilt Taste sells one that encompasses the best of both worlds: it’s almost indestructibly well-made and it’s made in Japan. You will also find that your Asian friend will start to invite you more often to his house to cook you some “authentic” stir-fries. But if he still ends up making General Gau’s Chicken or Moo Goo Gai Pan, your gift has unfortunately gone to waste.

For the hipster you always rely on, who is addicted to (tea)pots

Double Wall Glass Dome Teapot, $49.95. Available through GiltTaste.

One should drink more tea, for a good aroma will send you on the right kind of high. It is a drink that is far healthier than 5-hour energy, Red-Bull and bad coffee. It uplifts spirits, de-toxifies, and is ever so classy. This teapot is not exception and will encourage your friend to boil tea of the exotic and possibly illegal variety.

For the one who tires of drinking cheap vodka with Kool-Aid powder thrown in the mix.

Pok-Pok Som Apple Drinking Vineager, $16.95 & “The Joy of Mixology: The Consummate Guide to the Bartender’s Craft”

Try serving up classier alcoholic cocktails and in no time, turnout at your suite parties will be crowded with classy-dressed students who appreciate a good drink. Apple Drinking vineager tastes much better than it sounds and adds sharpness to whichever alcoholic base you so choose, while masking the cheap qualities of it. Go even further and try your hand at professional mixology. Whether succesful or not, at least you can tell girls that you’ve tried.

– Jon Cheng

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