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Top Five: Fall’s favorite soups, and where to get them

Fall has since become a bitter, harsh, and cold reality, but that does not restrict you from eating well. Camille gives the lowdown on 5 soups you must try before the first (real) snowfall in December. 

1. Creamy Curried Cauliflower Soup

Apart from having a beautiful presentation, just the right amount of spice, and being perfectly satisfying, this soup is also a healthy choice among the heavier winter soups. Straying from the usual coconut milk often used with curry, this soup has a base of almond milk and actual almonds themselves. Sunflower seeds garnish the top of this creamy delight, adding just the right amount of crunch. Find the recipe for this soup at The Seattle Times website.

2. Tomato Bulgur Soup w/Warm Spices

This tomato soup is unique because it is substantial enough to be a full meal yet leaves you perfectly content. The bulgur adds substance and the feta cheese gives it a unique flavor along with the parsley and coriander. Hints of cinnamon lead this soup to be top choice, giving it a sweet smell that is perfect for the wintery season. Find this soup at Whole Foods.

3. Shrimp and Corn Chowder

Not your typical Massachusetts chowder, this soup masters the balance between sweet and salty. Big chunks of corn and shrimp literally melt into your mouth and hints of peppers and chives add to this culinary delight. A cup of this heavy chowder is more than enough, and will surely be a staple on a cold winters day. Find this soup at the Bertucci’s in Harvard Square.

4. Firehouse Chili

Chili is famous for being a comfort food and as finals begin and winter creeps up, there is nothing a bowl of chili cannot solve. Served in a freshly baked bread bowl, this chili keeps it classic with a little extra kick of spice. Find this country style soup at Joshua Tree at Davis Square.

5. Butternut Squash Soup

This soup has become a staple in all trendy restaurants because it is always delightful. Our very own Dewick-Macphie cafeteria has embraced the trend and done quite a good job with their own spin on this soup. Every time it is on the menu, students rush to get a taste of this sweet, creamy soup. No one can deny that this soup epitomizes fall cuisine.

Camille Bergsrud

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