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Cosy brunch spot at Teele Square could be Ball Square’s alternative


A short walk away from Hodgdon, Lewis, or any of the lower campus buildings, Renee’s Café is a great not-so-secret breakfast spot for Somerville locals. Located on the outskirts of Teele Square, it’s a great alternative to the other, busier breakfast spots in Ball Square. The menu is straightforward and simple, with classics such as omelettes and waffles but also with popular picks such as their eggs benedicts. There is a blackboard in the back, scrawled with the daily specials that feature seasonal fruits and vegetables. The waitresses are kind and efficient, but blunt. Water is self-serve from a dispenser in the front. There’s bottled orange juice and other drinks you can grab from the fridge or fresh orange juice to be ordered. The ambiance was casual, somewhat like a diner. For our meal, my sister and I ordered a Veggie Omelette and Blueberry Pancakes to split.

The food arrived promptly, after only about a 10 minute wait, while the restaurant was fairly crowded as well. I love when restaurants are efficient! The omelette came with two slices of toast and a pile of home fries nestled on the side. The small stack of pancakes made up for quantity with quality, though it was still plenty of food. The Veggie Omelette was packed full of peppers, onions, and broccoli, so that with every bite there were crisp vegetables surrounded by soft, lightly browned egg. The home fries were well seasoned on the outer surface, but thick enough that the seasoning became lost in the blandness of the inside. But this problem was quickly fixed using several dashes of hot sauce. The toast was a nice addition, simple but filling on the side. The Blueberry Pancakes were thick, fluffy, and just perfect with a nice dust of powdered sugar on the top. It came with two slabs of butter on the side that melted into the warm pancakes and blended in, giving the slice a sweet, buttery flavor. The blueberries were abundant in the pancakes and popped with freshness as you bit into them.

These two plates were plenty for the two of us, and kept us full for a good portion of the day. The meal is decent for the price, but the convenience would draw me there again. Just a note: it’s cash-only! So I guess that may be inconvenient for some, but there should be an ATM at the convenience store around the corner. Overall, Renee’s Cafe comforting, solid breakfast food that’s cheap and in a good location—beats making waffles at Dewick any day.

Ambiance: B+

Service: B

Food (taste): B+

Food (presentation): B-

Price: A-

Overall: B

Renee’s Cafe
198 Holland St
Somerville, MA 02144
(617) 623-2727      

– Articles, photos by Christina Pan

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