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TOP FIVE #5: Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies

Fellow food geeks, eating a pack of Chips Ahoy doesn’t cut it.  In fact we here at the blog vehemently resent those who do. Secret indulgence or not, it’s got to be with cookies (dubbed America’s Favorite Snack, unofficially) that are worth the calories and (depending on how unctuously rich they are, saturated fat factors in too). Let DAMANPREET suggest you some to get you started. “The shots of milk I had between tasting each cookie hopefully gave me the clarity to properly evaluate these cookies.”

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies from Dewick/Hodgdon/Carmichael

These cookies aren’t bad. The chocolate chips could definitely be bigger, and it wouldn’t hurt for the cookies to be thicker and richer. The texture leaves more to be desired–there has been more than one bad experience with hard cookies. All in all, though, these cookies aren’t the worst choice for a pick-me-up right before attacking a looming late Sunday night studying. B

2. Whole Foods Bakery

The chocolate chip cookies available at the bakery of Whole Foods have large chunks of chocolate embedded in a crumbly, chewy cookie that is satisfying but perhaps not worth its price at $1.75 per cookie. You can taste the freshness of the ingredients, and the cookies are chewy without being too soft, crumbly, and slightly salty. There are probably better cookies for the same price, though. B+

3. Patsy’s Pastry Shop

This small Somerville bakery is a haven of inexpensive, delicious homemade Italian bakery treats. Their mini cannoli themselves are enough motivation to get me on the 89 bus to Patsy’s. Their cookies also match up. They are crumbly and have just enough saltiness. They are not too sweet, but they’re also not classic chewy, dip-into-milk cookies. They are an Italian twist on the American version of the chocolate chip cookie, which is a nice change from the typical. A-

4. Glow Gluten-Free Cookies

I’ve had genuinely good gluten-free desserts in the past, so Glow’s cookies were a slight disappointment, both texturally and in terms of flavor. The chickpea and fava bean flour that the cookies use is very prevalent at first bite. The bite of these flours just does not belong in what is supposed to be a simple, decadent chocolate chip cookie. The texture is hard, not crumbly, and the chocolate chips are not substantial enough to mask these flaws. There are better gluten-free cookies out there, especially for a lower  price. B+

5. Flour Bakery

Flour Bakery’s sandwiches, Oreo cookies (These aren’t always available.), and croissants should all be motivation to head over to Cambridge and indulge in these heavenly cookies. All of the ingredients are fresh, and the cookies are freshly baked. What Patsy’s cookies lacked in richness is made up by Flour Bakery’s decadent cookies. Every Tufts student owes it to themselves to head to Flour and fall in love at least once. A

Damanpreet Pelia

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  1. Aahhaa!!! All of them are looking extremely delicious & sinful!! A sure trick to win one’s heart & stomach s well!!!

    October 5, 2011

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