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MUFFIN MADNESS: A overview of some of the best and worst muffins at Tufts

Muffins are a college student’s best friend. Or at least they can be if they’re worth binging on, so let Camille gives the lowdown on which ones are worth the $1.50. All are available at either the REZ Cafe, Brown and Brew or Hodgdon TakeOut. Happy Eating!

Blueberry Muffin: A

The delicate combination of soft, sweet blueberries and crunchy sugar crystals is perfect with a cold glass of milk. It is not too fluffy and not too heavy and perfectly crumbly. Try this muffin for breakfast and it will bring you right back to grandma’s front porch.

Carrot Raisin: D

This recipe is a tricky one, and unfortunately Hodgdon did not get it right this time. A combination of a grainy texture, stale raisins, and a bitter aftertaste is the reason for this dismal grade.

Chocolate Chip: C+

It’s hard to mess up chocolate chips, but this muffin was not quite sweet enough. It might have helped if the chips were larger and perhaps more moist. The overall flavor was dull and bland.

Cranberry Orange Walnut: A-

This muffin is pleasantly surprising with its delightful mix of sweet and tanginess. The hint of orange gives a zesty flavor and the walnuts add a nice crunch, complimenting the moist, ripe cranberries. A hot cup of breakfast tea would nicely accompany this muffin on any lazy morning. Or late at night.

Raisin Bran: B

In spite of the seemingly balanced flavors, the muffin’s consistency was too moist and there was oil resting on the top. Some nuts might enhance the texture of this muffin. Coffee would be a great drink to sip alongside nibbling this muffin.

Coffee Cake: D

While the combination of cinnamon and sugar can rarely go wrong, this muffin was overwhelmingly sweet. There was way too much sugar on the top and it was quite dry. Further, the sour aftertaste leaves you reaching for a tall glass of water.

Double Chocolate: A

Moist chocolate chips with moist chocolate cake means only one thing: heaven. This muffin was deliciously sweet and perfectly chocolatey. Make sure you have a cold glass of milk with this treat, and do not pay attention to the calorie count.

Corn Muffin: B+

Although a bit grainy, this muffin was simple and delicious. It would be perfect for dipping into soup or alongside a cup of chili on a cold day. This muffin tasted fresh, and the only thing you might want to do to enhance this experience is if you put it in the microwave for 20 seconds.

– Camille Bergsrud

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