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DINING HALL CREATIONS #6: Chicken Salad Sandwich

With warmer weather approaching, I’ll be craving some lighter food. One of my particular favorites is fresh, flavorful chicken salad on toast. Fortunately, everything needed to make this tasty lunch can be found in Dewick or Carm! (You may have noticed that the sandwich bars have chicken salad, but I think you’ll agree that it leaves something to be desired.)


  • Bread, any kind
  • Grilled chicken breast
  • Mayonnaise
  • Grey Poupon mustard
  • Lemon
  • Salt and pepper


First, choose what kind of bread you’d like for your sandwich and throw it in the toaster. If it’s brunch and there happen to be croissants, that would be great, too.

Begin slicing your grilled chicken. It’s a bit difficult, with the dull dining hall knives, but worth the effort. Pull the chicken with your fork and knife until you get a perfect chicken salad consistency, then scoop it into one of the large salad bowls.

At the condiment station, add about 1 half pump of mayonnaise, or what looks like roughly a tablespoon, and the equivalent amount of Grey Poupon mustard. Mix this together with your chicken and a squeeze from one of the lemon wedges found over by the tea. If you don’t like mustard, you can replace it with more lemon. Add salt and pepper to taste.

At this point you can choose what else you’d like to put in your chicken salad. Traditional additions are celery and red onion, but you could also try grapes, dried cranberries, raisins, cubed green apple, sweet pickle relish, olives, slices of hard-boiled egg, green pepper, or chopped walnuts (found by the condiments). You can’t go wrong!

Once you’ve mixed everything together, you can pile it atop your toasted bread, along with lettuce and some sliced tomato, and enjoy a delicious change from the regular dining hall food!

– Rose Barrett

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