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DINING NEAR TUFTS #4: Adam’s Pizza

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza. Four’s still not a crowd, and there’s no reason to get sick of Pizza joints around Tufts. Here’s yet another one to try.

Adams Pizza Medford is simply satisfactory in taste, but earns points for convenience and variety. I placed my call over the phone to use JumboCash, for which they have a coupon for 10% off on JumboCash orders at all times. They have their own website,, that offers a 20% discount on online ordering (first time only). Another option is to order through Foodler, which offers a 30% discount on first-time orders. Or if you’re a return customer, there are plenty of coupons to choose from. Free delivery on all orders over $10, too!

Adams Pizza Medford offers pizza, pasta, salad, and subs, with plenty of options in each of these categories. Their specialty pizzas include Quattro Pizza (sauce, fresh mozzarella, romano, and ricotta) and Tufts Pizza (chicken, bacon, ranch dressing, and mozzarella cheese), among many others. Any of these pizzas can be made into calzones too. The subs are huge—advertised as a foot long but definitely much bigger. Any of the subs can be made into wraps too. I decided on ordering a medium sized pizza, half Meat Lover Pizza (hamburger, pepperoni, bacon, sausage, and ham) and half Veggie Lower Pizza (mushroom, onion, spinach, broccoli, tomato, and pepper); note that they charge the price of half a large pizza if you order half-and-half. I also ordered an Italian sub with everything on it, including pickles and hot peppers. After tax and the 10% discount, the total came to about $24.00.

Orders by delivery take about 30-45 minutes, and mine came about 40 minutes later. The driver got a little lost (~5 minutes) but the food was still nice and hot when he got to the residence hall. The pizza and sub is plenty for 2-3 people. The dough is made on premises and probably my favorite part of the pizza. It was soft and chewy and didn’t get hard or soggy after a day. The toppings were cooked well on both halves of the pizza. The vegetables weren’t overcooked and you could tell that they used fresh ingredients. The bacon piece I had on the Meat Lover’s was delicious, too. The sub was huge and meaty—if you want more vegetables on it, be sure to ask. Otherwise, there is a ton of meat and cheese on it and it’s quite filling.

The pizza and sub were good but nothing extraordinary. They offered many options for ordering and had varied menu, which I liked. The menu seems to reflect that Adams would be a really good place to order from if you have a large group or are planning for a party. So keep that in mind the next time you want to have friends over and get hungry.

614 Main Street

Medford, MA 02155


Article & Photos by Christina Pan

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