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DINING NEAR TUFTS #3: Eat At Jumbo’s

It serves up wholesome American comfort food and it has the word “Jumbo” in its name. Take three.

Eat at Jumbo’s  is a popular take-out joint  with a menu of nearly anything American you could ask for: pizza and calzones, burgers and paninis, salads and pasta, and wings, wings, wings. The full page offerings of chicken wings as well as tenders feature 31 different sauces, ranging from pineapple BBQ to creamy pesto.  There really is a flavor to match everyone’s taste, especially since the menu also thoughtfully offers tofu tenders, quite tasty smothered in sauce, to satisfy the vegetarians out there.  For a side, the garlic knots, hot and puffy, can’t be missed. A panini comes perfectly grilled, with melty cheese and a filling portion of grilled vegetables. The pizza choices would please anyone, too- hearty eaters try the steak-and-potatoes Family Man, or for those looking for a traditional, Italian taste, go for the Margherita. And for a nice, healthy touch: whole wheat crust is available at no extra charge. To sort through the overwhelming diversity of foods, Eat at Jumbo’s counter staff was very friendly, quick to recommend favorites and warn daring diners that the fiery wing sauce is a mouth-sizzling force to be reckoned with.

– Jenny White

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