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DINING NEAR TUFTS #2: Papa John’s Pizza

Who cares about eating healthy when you’re tipsy and starving? Papa John’s Pizzas do what they’re told to do: fill you up in a satisfactory way. This is #2.

Papa John’s provides quick, inexpensive, delicious meals perfect for late at night or anytime during the day. The delivery came in about 45 minutes, and was transported by a very friendly deliveryman. The pizza is a cut above normal take-out pizza, with a soft, tender crust, slightly sweet tomato sauce and mounds of cheese. I would also recommend the cheesesticks, which were just like garlic bread with cheese, but without the pungent garlicky taste left in my mouth. The cinnapie was the tender crust of a small pizza, and was topped with a sweet brown sugar streusel topping and a drizzle of vanilla icing. It was a perfect comfort food that tasted like something a grandma would make. And even better, I got all this, a small cheese pizza, cheesesticks and the cinnapie all for under $20.

– Rachel Adelsberger

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