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IT’S A WRAP: Tasty Tufts decodes Hodgdon’s wraps

Hodgdon Good-to-Go is a place where numerous people trick turn, and comparatively few eat actual meals. After listening to many of my classmates praise the carrot cake and guacamole, I became curious: What about all that other stuff? The nachos and chicken wings? What about those awesome looking wraps?

Red-Line Wrap — I am a hummus nut (who isn’t?), and I get a lot of satisfaction out of a nice crunchy sprout, so I can’t say I wasn’t excited to try the Red Line Mediterranean Veggies wrap. It includes bean sprouts, shredded iceberg lettuce, carrots, zucchini, tomato, provolone cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, and lemon garlic hummus. Note: the wrap-makers at Hodgdon will ask you to choose your own tortilla. I asked for all of my wraps on a white flour tortilla. Filled with fresh vegetables, the Red Line is undoubtedly a light-feeling meal. Unfortunately, the lemon garlic flavor of the hummus was barely noticeable, and the provolone cheese was undetectable. For this mediterranean style wrap, I might have gone with something more flavorful, like feta. The wrap was almost entirely bean sprouts, and they were of pretty bad quality. Overall, it was a bland wrap which could have been improved by more tomato, far less sprouts, and some seasoning. My favorite part of this meal was the included bag of chips.

Rating: D

Green-Line Wrap — It consists of shredded iceberg lettuce, slices of tomato, provolone cheese, sliced roast chicken, and creamy ceasar dressing. My first bite was tentative, having been so disappointed with the Mediterranean veggies wrap, but I was pleasantly surprised. There were substantial helpings of deli chicken and cheese, giving this wrap a richer and more filling feeling than the Red Line. The lettuce was very fresh and crisp. I was able to cheerfully finish this entire wrap, although it was my fifth meal of the day (the regular three, plus two wraps). I hate to waste my unlimited freshman meal plan.

Rating: B+

Orange-Line Wrap — After being reasonably satisfied with the chicken ceasar salad wrap, I was optimistic about the Orange Line Ginger Chicken wrap. It includes smoked roast deli chicken, red onion, ginger teriyaki sauce, sliced bell peppers (all three colors!), and shredded iceberg lettuce. I preferred this cheese-less style of wrap, because the provolone and tortilla together can result in an unappetizing gluey-ness. The bell peppers gave some welcome crunch, as did the red onion, although be warned that there is quite a bit of it. I normally steer clear of anything labeled smoked,because it often means that awful artificial flavor accompanying tofu dogs, but the chicken was delicious. The ginger teriyaki sauce should have featured much more heavily in the wrap, as it was just the right balance of sweet and zingy. Overall this wrap did right what the previous two didn’t quite accomplish: it was light while still being filling and very flavorful.

Rating: A-

Blue-Line Wrap — This left me with one wrap left to try: the Blue Line Buffalo Chicken wrap. If you know anything about me, you know that I love buffalo hot sauce more than almost anything else. Once I literally had a dream about dancing buffalo wings. The Blue Line wrap is filled with sliced deli chicken, tomato, shredded iceberg lettuce, shredded carrots, and bleu cheese dressing. This is all topped off with Frank’s Red Hot wing sauce. As a general rule, I prefer the original hot sauce to the wing sauce, because the latter has a butter taste that is somewhat off-putting, but in this wrap I was not bothered by it because there were so many other flavors. I had never had tomato with anything buffalo, and it worked surprisingly well. The shredded lettuce gives a fresh crunch like the celery usually served with wings. For anyone looking for something with a strong buffalo kick, this might not be the way to go, as the spice is mellowed by the chicken and dressing, but in terms of overall taste it was very good.

Rating: A-

None of the wraps were particularly luminary, but all except the Red Line wrap were satisfying choices for a quick lunch. I would not recommend you try the Mediterranean Veggies wrap at all, but if you can’t resist, do so outside of your room: as I was finishing up this review at my desk, my roommate came in and complained that she can still smell bean sprouts days later. The Blue Line and Orange Line wraps will definitely become back-up meals, and I eagerly anticipate exploring all the other meals Hodgdon has to offer. Good-to-Go really is for more than just trick-turning!

Rose Barrett

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