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Tufts sponsored Halloween on the Hill brings back sweet memories, nostalgia

I missed the days when Halloween meant homemade costumes and getting sick after too much candy as opposed to costumes made out of the least amount of material possible and getting sick after too much “Tang”. So, I decided to re-live my trick-or-treating days by volunteering at Halloween on the Hill, an event where over three hundred kindergarten through second graders came to Tufts for a day of Halloween fun. A friend and I were responsible for twelve kids from 11:00-3:00 with a very strict schedule of activities. The day started with a get to know you game of “say your name and your favorite Halloween candy.” I was expecting them all to pick the same boring candy or go with the, “I love all kinds of candy” option, but their preferences were as varied as their Halloween costumes. We had Reese’s lovers, kids who chose Snickers and Skittles, and even someone who picked Junior Mints. This of course prompted a discussion back in my dorm about the best Halloween candies. After noting what candies were left in the bag after hall snacks, it was determined that Reese’s are definitely the best (holler!) and that the only candies more pathetic than Almond Joys are Necco Wafers.

The day started with a trek downhill so the kids could decorate their trick-or-treating bags. My friend and I of course, became Sherpas when all twelve kids decided that they couldn’t/didn’t want to carry their own backpacks. The Sherpas then schlepped uphill to what was probably the most well received activity besides the trick-or-treating itself. That was the activities area set up in the lounge of Hill Hall.  There was a dirt and worm station (pudding and gummy worms) and an area where the kids could make their own creepy hand out of candy corn and popcorn. It was comical to watch them all try to bite the fingers off of their gloves to try and get the candy out. They were all so engrossed in their respective activities that we only had one close call, when one girl wandered off to go play with the buttons on the vending machine, when she ran out of candy.

It was all in all, a good day. I got to wear my full out pirate costume and trick-or-treat vicariously through my kids. The parents were all so appreciative that we had watched their kids for four hours that they didn’t notice that most of their costumes had gotten dirty or ripped. The kids left with tummies full of candy and I left with a headache and the feeling that I had just done something useful with my day.

Rachel Adelsberger

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