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WHAT A HAPPY MEAL: Fast-Food truck serves up fresh vegetarian food

Everybody’s been to a food truck.  They’re infamous for foil-wrapped fries, greasy burgers, gigantic gyros or a classic hot dog.  But last fall, a new kid arrived on the block at MIT: a truck serving innovative and freshly prepared vegetarian and vegan faire.

The Clover Food Lab can be seen parked near the Kendall Square T Station during the week for breakfast and lunch, often with a line of students and all kinds of hungry folk extending down the road.  I have yet to visit the Lab, but from reading about its popularity and hearing recommendations for its cheap yet creative cuisine, I feel impelled to make a trip down the Red Line to Kendall soon just to check it out. Or, there’s also a second Clover truck staked out daily in Dewey Square near Boston’s South Station stop.

Clover has made waves for introducing local and healthy food in an original, convenient setting. It’s part of an emerging food truck revolution, but certainly ahead of other bandwagoning counterparts in terms of uniqueness and quality. Plus, the truck literally is a lab, testing out its vegetarian meals on the hungry public in preparation for Clover fast-food restaurants supposed to open in the Boston area.  Aside from some standard favorites, items on the diverse menu vary every day, depending on what’s seasonal and available fresh.

Now when you think of food trucks, forget the Friday night Frat Row franks.  There’s something way more enticing down the road.

For more information, check out’s full feature on  the Clover Food Lab

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