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Or, more specifically, the “Adam Richman-Inspired Miracle Burger”

Inspired by host of “Man vs. Food” Adam Richman’s burger created completely by chance when he visits Duffy’s Cherry Cricket in Denver. It is acclaimed by Adam himself as “one of the best burgers” he’s ever had.
Here’s how you can re-create a dining hall version:

1.)    Grab a juicy patty and bun at the burger station. (Carmichael serves burgers at lunch every Monday-Saturday with all the toppings you’ll need, Dewick will always have burgers except Wednesday at lunch, but some toppings might not be available).
2.)   Put one bacon disc (you gotta appreciate how they make those for us) on the bottom bun underneath the patty.
3.)   Add grilled mushrooms and onions under the patty (This makes for a more stable burger).
4.)   Add a layer of salsa on top of the patty.
5.)   Add one-half to one spoonful of guacamole.
6.)   Add lettuce, tomato, ketchup, and mustard to taste.
7.)   ENJOY!
*Better at Carmichael than Dewick
If you’re at home and want to bring this magnificent creation to a new level, add one fried egg on top of the patty!

– Lilian Wang

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