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Culinary inventions of the summer: from the cool and snazzy to the truly bizzare

You don’t know it, but new inventions for culinary means are popping up all over the place. Tasty Tufts rounds up some of the coolest new creations this summer.

A toaster and a lunchbox fit for a Porsche:

Atıl Kızılbayır over at Yanko Design designs a new toaster that’s free of mechanical parts, burnt fingers and annoying power failures. The result? Out pops – I mean “slides” – your perfect morning toast. On a more practical side, he has also created a chic, pliable lunchbox for college students on the go. Who says that you need to carry brown paper bags and plastic tupperwares? These bright colored, compact cases are built to make yorself look cool (or, if improperly used, a complete nerd). Ultimately, they are for gourmands who require at least two courses for their meals. Check out these prototypes (top: lunch box, bottom: toaster)

Check out the video here:

Turning your iPad into an “iDish”:

The folks over at Japan are capable of the most bizzare creations. The latest craze there seems to be Japanese blogger Shiinaneko’s idea that you could use your iPad as a serving plate for rice, sushi or any other foods of your choice. He also suggests using an iPhone as a soy sauce plate. Roast chicken anyone? A protective film, however, is strongly recommended. Check out the full set of instructions on his site.

The Cornucopia: A 3D food printer from the brains at MIT:

Leave it to some of the smartest kids (Marcelo Coelho and Amit Zoran) around Massachussets to invent something that might not be practical but is nevertheless incredibly cool and has, thankfully,  nothing to do with James Cameron. Imagine cold-stone creamery done electronically and mechanically whipped up in front of you by a mechanical robot-like structure. It does not have to be ice-cream, of course: there is also a rapid heating chamber that can cook foods instantly to your liking. Now would you like that steak rare, medium rare, or 3/4 of the way in between? I suppose one could just type in what temperature they’d like it to be. For more information, check it out here.

A Windows-7 themed restaurant opens up for business in Taipei

Not that the Taiwanese intend to compete with the Japanese, but this new concept is quite somthing else. Like the restaurant, the concept is too difficult to explain. Let the photos speak for themselves and check them out over here at Engadget.

Korean Style Tacos?

Well here is something you could grab right now. You no longer have to ask that quiet Korean living down your hall and use kimchi as an ice breaker for a doomed conversation that will eventually lead to something engineering-related. Why not tell them about these korean-style tacos that are sweeping across speciality cafe’s in the US? Thank the proximity of Mexico to California as well as the abundance of Koreans living in Los Angeles for adapting the all-time favorite Mexican snack into something worthy for a connoisseur. They’re sweet, salty, spicy, and full of somewhat healthy goodness. If you’re still tied up about kimchi, however, check out the film Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle. Check out the full article spread over at the New York Times.

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