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The Perfect Gift For: Your Skinny Friend that you Want to Fatten Up So you Can Steal the Spotlight at Holiday Parties…

Who says food can’t be a Christmas gift? The Danish Pastry House seems to have it figured out. Even if your intent isn’t as malicious as the title of this post, for just over $10, you can indulge in three sweet little cupcakes for a sweet-toothed friend, or yourself, without breaking the bank. And if you can’t be bothered to transport the gooey little buggers back home, never fear! The sheer ambiance of the little cafe (located on 330 Boston Ave, just down the hill from dear old Carmichael) is enough to keep your spirits up until winter break. As a holiday gift to yourself, a visit to the lovely little cafe, with its array of sweets (homemade pop tarts and miniature fruit-glazed pies) and refreshing, light meals (inspired soups and delightfully  fresh sandwiches) should hit just the right spot.

-Sophie Dover

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