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The Perfect Gift for: the Gadget Geek in your Life

By now, everyone should be tired of the drab salad dressings offered at Dewick or Carmichael. The key, though, is to mix and match, carefully utilizing the less popular tools like olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and soy sauce. If you would ever like emulsified vinaigrettes and look cool doing it, then look no further than Chef’n Emulstir, a nifty Emulsifier and salad dressing maker. This is great for dining hall use, but it’s equally as useful for those who cook meals in apartments, off-campus housing, etc. The Emulstir eliminates the need for all that whisking, stirring and washing. It looks great simply by itself, as decoration, and not to mention a conversation piece when things get awkward. $14.99 on

Admit it: you’re a Rubik’s cube junkie. If you ever felt a stab of jealousy seeing the 9-year old Asian on YouTube solving a Rubik’s cube behind his back, blindfolded, or with his toes in under a minute, then start practicing. Oh, and it surreptitiously dispenses salt or pepper. (Hence, your excuse to buy some exotic pink Himalayan salt, Madagascar sea salt, or just a plain old box of Maldon) $18.99 on

Don’t you ever get tired of peeling vegetables and cleaning up afterwards? This is precisely what the “Veggie Peel” does, and it does so quick and efficiently so you don’t have to spend much time prepping. The device has a double-sided blade and a curved rubberized grip for both right and left handers. This is especially great for any of you who need to cook dinner but have limited space for all the mess.  $19.95 from

-Jon Cheng

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  1. Jessica #

    Wow-amazing gadgets! I got some Himalayan sea salt for my dad for Christmas from Sustainable Sourcing and now I think I’ll have to try to get that cool dispenser too!

    December 15, 2009

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